Artist: Kettel
Album: Volleyed Iron

Released: March 2004
Label: U-Cover

Volleyed Iron
More than sonic wallpaper, Volleyed Iron (57'24") by Kettel is a kind of ambient symphony, in which disparate elements are combined into a composite impressionistic landscape of dreams, space and emotions, tinged with a sense of fragility. The album teems with a variety of harmonic shades and hues. By design, it's an easy album to get lost in as Volleyed Iron is built structurally and sonically on circular and linear forms, often both at once. This work moves through reverb shrouded piano melodies and dulcet synthesized themes, on to dark electronic terrain and the strange sonic surroundings of mutated samples and out of context acoustic sources. At times it is as if the listener where beneath stars, while elsewhere floating through a strange dream world. The key to enjoying this work is to sink into its whirling atmosphere. Access points are offered throughout and this work remains wonderfully diverse, never lapsing into incoherence. This is ambient music asking to be heard, revealing more with each listen.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   29 September 2005

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