Artist: Sean Washburn
Album: Wave Mantra

Label: n/l

Wave Mantra
Wave Mantra is Sean Washburn's debut release and is an all encompassing, well-crafted, rich soundworld that is more than a catalogue of exotic instruments and earthy styles. Washburn has created an epic piece that evolves beautifully between themes and demonstrates his unique insight into music and mood. The pace is methodical, the design intuitive and the music authentic. The listener is calmly led into different spaces within which a musical vision is shared and whispered knowledge is passed along. While the basic elements of Wave Mantra originate in chant, native flutes, gentle percussion, pristine environmental field recordings and evocative synthesizer atmospheres, the album's success is due to more than the inspired musical performances and solid production values - it is the result of Washburn's clear artistic vision. We learn, "a sacred voice is calling" and feel the wonderous power present in this musical alchemy.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   29 November 2000

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