Artist: The Glimmer Room
Album: The Wind Blows Summer From the Trees

Released: 8 November 2012
Label: A-Frame Media

The Wind Blows Summer From the Trees Andy Condon
UK synthesist Andy Condon releases music under the name The Glimmer Room. Those familiar with his work know it to always be full of interesting musical ideas, a variety of energy levels and an excellent narrative arc. On The Wind Blows Summer From the Trees (49'28") Condon has realized a unique sonic experience, both in line with earlier work while creatively advancing his sonic and emotional range. The music here is without urgency (there is enough of that in daily life, from which this CD is an excellent respite). With almost no rhythmic elements whatsoever The Wind Blows Summer From the Trees seems to deliver a simple sustaining sound environment. Active listening dispels this belief. While we will surely be lulled by its field recordings, languid synthesizer tones and gently advancing harmonic contrasts, this continuous multi-part electronic composition does indeed contain some very advanced chordal and timbral ideas, all the while keeping the listener lost in their own thoughts. This work provides the perfect ambient landscape in which to place one's own memories and contemplation. Waves of sound are constantly rolling in, each somewhat different from the next - and it's these differences that are so beautiful. There is something about the listening mind that wants to hear things in contrasted pairs: light/dark, major/minor, loud/soft. The Wind Blows Summer From the Trees provides this, and more. Sharing with us his spiritual searchings through the medium of music, Condon retains a distinctive profile. Exploring the many colors the synthesizer has to offer, ethereal melodic lines intersect with symphonic ruminations ranging from sympathetic sound cushions to discordant tonal mass. Less a manifestation of traditional musical concerns, The Wind Blows Summer From the Trees is more an enveloping audioscape - delivered as if in intimate, personal touch with the audience.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   30 January 2013

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