Artists: Jeff Greinke
Album: Winter Light

Released: 23 April 2007
Label: Lotuspike

Winter Light
The music of Jeff Greinke has always been about creating mood. To this end, his early works were comprised of a complex arrangement of drones and pads that often approached the atonal. As his compositions became more sophisticated, so did his musicianship and that which he expressed through it. On Winter Light (54'41"), Greinke continues to create a mood, but the atmosphere is conveyed less in terms of timbre than through melody, harmony and pacing. Writing uniquely structured pieces for synthesized chamber ensemble, Greinke navigates between tundral gloom, Ambient noir and arctic brilliance. Although the tones on Winter Light are bright, crisp and clear, the feel is often melancholic and confidently cold. Beautiful, stark spaces are opened and then filled with enchanting and elegant sounds. It is the longing for springtime made audible.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   3 May 2007

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