Artist: Palancar
Album: Yurushiiro

Released: 29 December 2018
Label: Emergent World

Yurushiiro Darrell Wade Burgan
Palancar is the sonic representative of Darrell Burgan and his continual awakening as an artist in electronic sound. His epic release Yurushiiro (143'21") provides 14 tracks that range from a quiet, gentle expansion to raging, formidable force. In the movement of its synthesized strings, contrasting harmonies interplay to great effect. These slow moving works of dreamy brilliance unfold easily in shifting chord progressions, yet do just as well in the thickening atmosphere of a dark rumbling drone. Yurushiiro is vast and spacious, and falls into a category somewhere between the space filling character of Ambient Music, the space defining notion of New Age, and the creation of space as in classic Cosmic Music. When they are not devouring dark static durations, the synthetic tone poems found on this album combine to create a fascinating range of texture and atmosphere. Shifting between a dreamlike stillness, and seductive shimmering synthscapes, to the fierce brilliance of churning harmonic motion, Yurushiiro sweeps us between negative space and motifs of high relief. Synthesized chords churn into a soft mass of expanding rounded sound - as one harmonious scene transforms into another. Creating and choosing an impressive range of tones, from the curious to the consonant, Burgan arranges and paces this work slow enough to be lulling, yet with enough activity and variety to keep the listener engaged. With its hushed electronics and gentle melodies aside unique textures and darkening modulations Palancar moves well between formless night and a twilight realm of beautiful imagery.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   28 February 2019

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