Artist: Telomere
Album: Zoetosis

Label: Evenfall

Chris MacDonald is better known to STAR'S END listeners as Telomere by way of his 1998 debut album Astral Currents. On this recording, Telomere established himself as one of spacemusic's foremost deep-drift stylists. His fresh insight into the relationship between sound and psyche continues on Zoetosis. With barely a rhythm or melody, Telomere produces engaging harmonies and evolving timbres to convey profound musical ideas. Drones swell up deliberately into a slowly sweeping soft mass while tones change continually between pencil thin lines and dripping wet brush strokes. Within each piece and throughout the album is a sense of movement - a slow motion of cosmic ideas. The spirituality of the synthesizer can be felt fully as electrical current is transformed into synthesized sound. Telomere's music ascends with a clarity of vision found only far above the earth's atmosphere. So much a completely transportive and reassuring experience, that silence at album's end is unsettling.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   2 August 2001

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