Profile: Illoin
Illoin Illoin (aka Andrew Ryan) is a hybrid music project from Philadelphia, PA which utilizes accordion, live drums, sequenced electronics, pianos, vibraphones, organs, and sparse vocals to create dynamic emotional electronic music. While all the sounds suggest a simple tinkering, something happening just under a sheet of roaring noise, the music remains quite subtle. Drums click, clack and stutter beneath pillows while bass melodies squeeze their way out.

Pinafore Illoin

The recording Pinafore, a careful synthesis of IDM beats and watery guitars, is a stark and simultaneously lush collection of songs. Illoin's work suggests dreamlike states through its alternating warm and chilling currents of sound. The cozy atmospheres of this instrumental sleep pop gets charged up a notch with the incessant pitter-patter of beats. Described as downtempo synthesis, the poppy melodies blend with sputtering percussion to paint a blue-tinted sonic landscape.

Illoin played live on the 04.03.05 broadcast of STAR'S END

Illoin Illoin

Illoin Illoin

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