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Richard Lainhart Richard Lainhart occupies an interesting corner of the vast genre of Electronic Music - he is the one making Electronic Music. What with the ever evolving advancements in producing this music, and the constant expansion of styles and influences, it is easy to forget that Electronic Music is essentially about sound innovation and the manipulation of timbre. Lainhart's work exemplifies this concept. In his live concerts Lainhart explores tone color through the sophisticated and artistic shaping of sound waves. This minimal music originates from a seemingly minimal set up, at the core of which are the Buchla 200e synthesizer and a Haken Continuum. Coaxing an ever expanding variety of timbres and tones from his gear Lainhart creates an interesting range of music and moods.

His atmospheric pieces are elegant and beautiful tone poems and can be compared to similar forms in the contemporaneous works of Steve Roach and Michael Stearns. These realizations include consonant harmonies and sustaining tones which emanate a kind of sonic perfume throughout the listening space. Other movements explore other areas of sonance. From rounded howls and atonal bleeps to metallic twangs and odd percolating rhythms, Lainhart may seem to challenge his audience while reaching for the limits of his instrument. Lainhart is also known for his rendition of "Oriason", a touchstone composition by Olivier Messiaen. Characterized by its gliding melody and trembling chords this "mellow and plaintive" early electronic piece reminds us that our most modern of synthetic instruments originate from a time when Electronic Music was regarded as a high art - meant to extend the palette of sounds along with the composer's vision.

Richard Lainhart - At Peace 30 December 2011

In late December 2011 family and friends in The Electronic Music community as well as The World mourned the death of Richard Lainhart - but will continue to celebrate his life and memory through the wealth of music and knowledge he has left us.

Richard Lainhart plays "Oriason"

Buchla 200e Richard Lainhart made his Philadelphia debut as he opened for The American Dollar at The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 14 May 2011

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Following The Gatherings Concert:

Richard Lainhart played a live set of new music on the 05.15.11 broadcast of STAR'S END Ambient Radio.

Richard Lainhart Richard Lainhart

Richard Lainhart - Live on the 05.15.11 broadcast of STAR'S END

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