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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2012 - Year in Review Part Three *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

['ramp]     Track for Michael Hoenig (excerpt)  Manikin Records Second Decade (manikin)
The Tangent Project     Origami                 Live 2010-2011 (self-released)
Dave Luxton             Data Ghost              Singularity in Sound (wayfarer)
Takashi Suzuki          Episode 5               Cycle (calm records)
Uma                     Thirst for Light        Meeting Unknown (self-released)
Sigur Ros               Valtari                 Valtari (xl recordings)            Freezng the Fourth String  Descending Into Crevasse (glacial movements)
Erik Wollo              Pastorale               Images of Light (spotted peccary)
Praguedren              Slower Motions          Slower Motions (dank disk)

Robert Schroeder        Simply Cream (excerpt)  Cream (spheric)
Hibernation             Wabi-Sabi               Second Nature (interchill)
Saul Stokes             Turn of Phase           Formation (self-released)
Motionfield             Blue Hours              A Sort of Homecoming (autoload)
Casi Cada Minuto        Daysaver                In White Rooms (exitab)
Void                    Faded Away              Avoid (self-released)
Chuck van Zyl        Forever Distant (excerpt)  Cenotaph (synkronos)
['ramp]                 Halo Inductor           Astral Disaster (doombient)

Vic Hennegan          Orbital Dreams (excerpt)  Nebula Waves (self-released)
Steve Moore             Tyken's Rift            Light Echoes (cuneiform)
Connect.ohm             Take Off                9980 (ultimae)
Bryan Carrigan          Pendulum                Windows (self-released)
Radiant Mind            Sense Three             Sense (periphery)
Javi Canovas            Mechanical Spirit       Psychedelic Voyage (self-released)
Travis & Fripp          1979                    Follow (panegyric)
Kevin Keller            Innocence               The Day I Met Myself (self-released)

Stephen Halpern         Part 1                  Deep Alpha (inner peace)
Robert Rich    Memories of Wandering Parts 1 2  Nest (soundscape)
Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms Dream Travel            When the Earth is Far Away (lotuspike)
Parsick & Reuter        Weightless Particles    Lament (gterma)
Brian Eno               Lux 1                   Lux (warp)
Robert Davies           Arboreal                Arboreal (dataObscura)
David Wright            Sensory Overload        Connected (ad music)
Michael de Salem        Abigail & John          Time is After Me (self-released)

Divine Matrix           Birth of a Cyclone      Atmospheric Variations (ad music)
Cliff Martinez          Just Go Away            Arbitrage (milan)
Shore/Metric            Haircut                 Cosmopolis (howe records)
Hammock                 Cold Front              Departure Songs (self-released)
Sonogram                Certainly Obsessed      Apparent Microdots (simulacra)
Mum                     Duffeland               Early Birds (morr music)
Northcore               Looking Glass           Desatero (spotted peccary)
Bob Holroyd             Hollowman (remix)       Re: Ambient (self-released)
Bertrand Loreau         Moog on the Moon        Journey Through the Past (spheric)
Paul Ellis           She Who Watches (excerpt)  I Am Here (lotuspike)


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