STAR'S END Update - 22 October 2017
Transitions K Markov The music of K Markov continues to take the listener to new places. His release Soul Keeper (61'29") seizes our ears and our imaginations. The virtues of lucidity, concision and unity exemplify the refreshing clarity of Markov's imaginative thinking. At times graceful and consonant, at times angular and dissonant, Soul Keeper has a broad atmospheric range. As we are drawn into a musical experience of larger proportions we find that the impulse for this work is overtly electronic. Throwing off sparks in a superb heedlessness and wild ferocity an intricate geometry of sequencer patterns run like a secret engine. Cast in three pieces the rhythmic buoyancy and variation of Soul Keeper reflects the innate quality of Markov's creative gift. Patterns of minimalist complexion cycle and vary notes, length and key, in the still driving force of this music's mesmerizing pulse. Its abstract structures are more overtly coloristic and varied in their expressive range, while textures are diversified to fascinating degrees. In a slow burn of quiet energy a dark sonic mass rustles sleeping shadows, as this album generates heat against a cool cosmic background. Coherent synth lead lines thread through multiple intersections - where ideas, memories and emotions connect and reconnect in myriad combinations. Spookily vacant passages recede within heroic synthesizer themes. Under these building chords we find that a heart still beats. Ultimately, the greater feeling of weight and power on Soul Keeper resolves into a suitable concluding section - an ending hopeful yet credible. So many currents have contributed to this music. While technology and contemporary life hold their high positions, we find Markov himself as the immovable center. He is a planet builder. His music generates worlds where we cannot feel the decay of ours.

Please tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for music from Soul Keeper the recent release by K Markov

For more about Soul Keeper, please access:

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The Mist (2014) by K Markov
Organic (2015) by K Markov

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The Ministry of Inside Things: Live on STAR'S END 11.12.17
MoIT Consisting of electronic musician Chuck van Zyl and electric guitarist Art Cohen, The Ministry of Inside Things are considered among the most innovative of US spacemusicians today. While their music touches on many of the hallmarks of Berlin-School Spacemusic, MoIT bring their own influences and innovation to the process. The result is a sound that is uniquely individual.

The Ministry of Inside Things exists outside the confines of the recording studio and in the realm of the live performance. As MoIT, Art Cohen and Chuck van Zyl continue a tradition of bringing an otherwise methodical studio based art form out into the spontaneity of the performance environment.

Please tune in to the 11.12.17 broadcast of STAR'S END for a live-to-air radio concert of innovative spacemusic with The Ministry of Inside Things.

For more about The Ministry of Inside Things, please access the STAR'S END Profile

For more about The Ministry of Inside Things plus Hallowed Bells at The Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia on Saturday 18 November 2017, please access:

Sound Out: Jeff Pearce September 2017
Jeff Pearce The process of meeting Jeff Pearce began years ago when I had the opportunity to listen to his CD called Vestiges. Finding his work to be of the first order, I was even more impressed when I discovered that this musician was fully capable of playing his music live before an audience.

Soon thereafter Pearce was traveling to Philadelphia for performances at The Gatherings Concert Series and STAR'S END Ambient Radio - where he delivered impressive sets of guitar-based atmospheric spacemusic. Within the reverberant setting of the St Mary's Hamilton Village church sanctuary, Pearce's expanding chords and otherworldly rumbles transported the audience to a reverential quiet space - while late into the night, his extended set for STAR'S END filled the soundspace with a wondrous cosmic yearning.

This Fall, Jeff Pearce is heading back our way, to again headline at The Gatherings on Saturday 7 October 2017, and afterwards live on STAR'S END. He'll have a new album with him, and lots of great stories and music. I hope you will take time to read the interview I did with Jeff Pearce, on the occasion of his sixth appearance at The Gatherings Concert Series - in hopes of gaining more insight into one of the top talents of our innovative music community. Thanks! -Chuck van Zyl

Sound Out: Jeff Pearce September 2017 (click here)

The Signal: Podcast

This edition of The Signal includes notes on five 2017 releases from the Projekt Records label.
Please listen in as host Chuck van Zyl reviews:

Phase IX by Lorenzo Montana
MantraSequent by Jeffrey Koepper
Following the Ether Sun by Forrest Fang
Different Spaces by Erik Wollo
Spiral Revelation by Steve Roach

PhaseIX MantraSequent Following the Ether Sun Different Spaces Spiral Revelation

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