STAR'S END Update - 24 September 2017
Ovum Jeffrey Ericson-Allen The intention of most Ambient Music is to serve the listener by not calling attention to itself. But Jeffrey Ericson Allen cannot help himself. The opening track of Ovum (50'56"), his excellent album of seven sonic, electro-acoustic journeys, confronts us blithely with the soft command, "Come along with me". Recording under the name Chronotope Project, he offers a dual musical reality. Ovum engages, as soulful flute, cello and synth melodies enliven the mind and draws our thoughts along soft rows of ordered notes. Yet further in it entices us to chill in plush sonic reverie. But these are not rival systems competing for our attention. The swirling dramatic movement and vivid color of the glad active tracks compliment well the more elemental, simplified and somber pieces. Noting its twists and turns as it progresses forward and at times changes course this album may go wide as well as deep. In simplicity of form we feel a sense of stillness, and an underlying darkness. In a brighter realm, sparkling sequencer chimes echo and ring through a velvet void. Celestial lead lines arise, flutter and touch, only to recede back to the star system from whence they came. For a more gradual sense of discovery we extend down into slow motion dreamscapes of electronic motion and atmospheric textures. From minimal zones within which to find your own reality, to this work's forthright production and engaging song-craft, we find these two realms are connected by an invisible line. In this arc of safety Ovum is a balm to our brittle substance. As with all good music, it is a portal to your better self.

Please tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for music from Ovum the recent release by the multi-instrumentalist Chronotope Project

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Chrysalis (2012) by Chronotope Project
Dharma Rain (2014) by Chronotope Project
Event Horizon (2013) by Chronotope Project
Passages (2016) by Chronotope Project

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Ovum (sample) by Chronotope Project

Hotel Jeff Pearce plus Eyes Cast Down: Live on STAR'S END 10.08.17
Jeff PearceGreg Moorcroft Jeff Pearce is well known to the Spacemusic community for his unique approach to the electric guitar. Pearce produces tones that rarely betray their origin as they are processed, delayed, distorted and looped to create complex harmonies and timbres. His music is compelling and moody, traversing the Space, Ambient, Experimental and New Age genres, and ranges from deep, dark soundworlds to bright, elegant, melodic compositions.

Eyes Cast Down is the ethereal music project by Greg Moorcroft. Using various guitars, synthesizers, computer programs and acoustic sources, Moorcroft produces fascinating sustained atmospheres. Measure upon measure of slowly changing, undulating chords advance and recede along a musical arc of vague dimensions. The slowly breathing tones summon interesting variations in mood and space. Yet these dark sonic clouds cannot keep the sacred from shining through. His intelligently directed soundscapes offer restful sonic colors, luxuriant in their repose.

Please tune in to the 10.08.17 broadcast of STAR'S END for a live-to-air radio concert of innovative spacemusic with both Jeff Pearce and Eyes Cast Down.

For more about Jeff Pearce, please access the STAR'S END Profile

For more about Eyes Cast Down, please access the STAR'S END Profile

For more about Jeff Pearce plus Eyes Cast Down at The Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia on Saturday 7 October 2017, please access:

Sound Out: Stephen Parsick August 2017
Stephen Parsicksynchronize or die Over the years Stephen Parsick has released numerous substantial and significant Spacemusic releases under the name ['ramp]. Obvioulsy influenced by the classics, his productions are always a true musical representation of nothing but himself and his world view. Having collaborated with the likes of acclaimed looper and touch guitarist Markus Reuter and the legendary Electronic Musician Mark Shreeve, Parsick has produced an ample body of work - both in the studio and at the concert hall.

In August 2017 Stephen Parsick has released synchronize or die, an album in which he claims (and I concur) contains, "the pinnacle of my sequencing skills". I hope you will read this interesting interview, and gain insight into this intelligent, intriguing personality, and his views on what he might call the "Doombient" music scene. Thanks! -chuckv

Sound Out: Stephen Parsick August 2017 (click here)

The Signal: Podcast

This edition of The Signal includes notes on five 2017 releases from the Projekt Records label.
Please listen in as host Chuck van Zyl reviews:

Phase IX by Lorenzo Montana
MantraSequent by Jeffrey Koepper
Following the Ether Sun by Forrest Fang
Different Spaces by Erik Wollo
Spiral Revelation by Steve Roach

PhaseIX MantraSequent Following the Ether Sun Different Spaces Spiral Revelation

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August 2017 Top 25 STAR'S END Releases - Alphabetical
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    synchronize or die

  • Olafur Arnalds - Broadchurch - The Final Chapter - Kudos Film and Televison
  • Richard Barbieri - Planets + Persona - kscope
  • Eraldo Bernocchi/Netherworld - Himuro - Glacial Movements
  • Billow Observatory - II: Plains/Patterns - Azure Vista Records
  • Sherry Finzer/Peter Sheridan - Traveler - Head Dance
  • Tony Gerber - Secret Garden - Space for Music
  • The Greatest Hoax - Expiration Compositions - Serein
  • Robert Hakalski - Stereograph - Singularity
  • Daniel Hart - A Ghost Story - Milan Records
  • Tom Holkenborg - The Dark Tower - Sony Classics
  • Jack Hertz - Andromeda Strains - Aural Films
  • Steve Jansen - Extinct Suite - self released
  • Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene 3 - Columbia/Sony
  • Bernd Kistenmacher - Paradise - MI Records
  • Lowercase Noises - The Swiss Illness - BC Media
  • Brian McOmber - It Comes at Night - Milan Records
  • Seamus O'Muineachain - Cloves - self released
  • One Arc Degree - Ashore - Mindspring
  • Quaeschning/Schnauss - Synthwaves - Azure Vista Records
  • ['ramp] - Synchronize or Die - Doombient
  • Steve Roach - Nostalgia for the Future - Timeroom
  • Stevens/Muhly/Dessner/McAllister - Planetarium - 4AD
  • Tapes and Topographies - Signal to Noise - Simulacra
  • Erik Wollo - Cinematic - Projekt
  • Hans Zimmer - Dunkirk - Watertower Music
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