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Lazy ArcAnomalous Disturbances There was a time when extending the sonic range of the electric guitar meant smashing it into a powered stage amplifier or setting one on fire at the end of a performance. Operating in the background radiation of these more explosive and incendiary activities are musicians like Terrence O'Brien. Over the many years of recording and performing under the name Anomalous Disturbances O'brien has come to comprehend the inside of Spacemusic. Using his guitar and many signal processors to further enthrall the listener O'Brien realizes textural music on a cerebral heading. Fully connected to the moment in the whirling slow rush of a live improvisation O'brien becomes utterly abandoned in his work. Archive Three (64'18") is the result of five live guitar sessions held between 2007 and 2008 - which makes this album an obvious companion work to his Archive Two (2009). The five tracks on Archive Three are each their own unique imaginary construction. Moving elegantly from the quiet and wispy the pieces fill out the listening environment in a particular dense sonic coloration and corresponding atmosphere. Dark drones subduct the more fragile floating sounds into the roiling surface below while filtered guitar notes sound, recur and blend in a beautiful slow counterpoint - a six string sensibility hidden in the ambient wash. From mysterious undulations to a continuum of enigmatic harmonies and modulations Anomalous Disturbances hints at a world behind the world.

Please tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for music from Archive Three the recent release by Anmalous Disturbances

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Archive Two by Anomalous Disturbances
Inside by Anomalous Disturbances
The Spirit Molecule by Anomalous Disturbances

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Jeff Pearce plus Borghi & Teager - Live on STAR'S END 10.12.14
Jeff PearceBorghi & Teager Jeff Pearce is well known to the Spacemusic community for his unique approach to the electric guitar. Pearce produces tones that rarely betray their origin as they are processed, delayed, distorted and looped to create complex harmonies and timbres. His music is compelling and moody, traversing the Space, Ambient, Experimental and New Age genres, and ranges from deep, dark soundworlds to bright, elegant, melodic compositions.

The Music of Matt Borghi & Michael Teager aims to create a deep and timbrally interesting listening experience while also bringing together a unique musical pairing and improvisational process. While Borghi brings in spacious guitar textures to create a harmonic fabric, Teager lays out his saxophone playing with subtlety and nuance. They attribute their unrivaled realizations to friendship, their approach to the work and a diversity of musical interests.

Jeff Pearce and Broghi & Teager return to Philadelphia as part of The Gatherings Concert Series on Saturday 11 October 2014, and stop in at STAR'S END on the broadcast of 12 October 2014. Please tune in this weekend for details.

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Friday Arts WHYY TV12 - Friday 4 January 2013 at 8:30PM
Chuck van Zyl

Friday Arts is a weekly 30-minute arts, cultural and entertainment magazine that airs on WHYY TV12 Fridays at 8:30PM. Each broadcast features three segments: "Art", "Art of Life" and "Art of Food". Friday Arts casts a light on some of Philadelphia's most fascinating yet well-kept secrets in the arts.

John Diliberto, Jason Sloan, Jeff Towne and Chuck van Zyl were featured in a segment produced by Michael O'Reilly for the Friday 4 January 2013 episode of Friday Arts. This portion of the program included coverage of activities related to the ECHOES and STAR'S END radio programs and The Gatherings Concert Series - as well as background on Philadelphia's unique Spacemusic scene and the ideals and concepts which drive this genre's creative force.

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George Wallace : 13 April 2014
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Jeff Pearce : 12 October 2014
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