STAR'S END Update - 18 June 2017
MantraSequent Jeffrey Koepper Do machines have a soul? Synthesizers do, as our beloved Robert Moog tried to explain in his 2004 documentary. The circuit boards and overall design of the devices he conceived are infused with just as much of his spirit as is imagined a violin crafted by Stradivarius. Another commonality between these two kinds of instruments is that they both need a human being to animate them - a process that usually reveals more about the player than the builder. Music realized by the Electronic Musician Jeffrey Koepper always carries a unique psychological charge, along with a distinctive personal truth. Few among his ranks possess his technical acumen, which certainly stimulates and informs Koepper's many substantial releases. On MantraSequent (67'18") sound is handled like an object. Shaving off frequencies, joining tones, sculpting textures, compressing atmospheres, and ordering notes into repeating trails of echoes this album is the result of the set of choices made by Koepper - which he hopes will turn abstractions into sonic moods and feelings. Once we fall under the spell of MantraSequent, it becomes easy to forget the impressive list of vintage gear which was used to make it. Capturing the cosmic mystery associated with this genre, Koepper deploys pulsing sequencers, sustaining synth-string chords and spiraling spacey effects in an expressive soundtrack for interplanetary leaps. In a swirl of held harmonies the listener is pulled toward a hard chill, and offered an absorbing space of repose - while further along, deeper pieces generate the mystery-machine character of the Berlin-School. Others may struggle to understand what it was like back then (the 1970s), but the powerful grip of the past has always aided Koepper well in the present. The Now, which is always racing ahead of us, through this music, can be caught. In silence we may feel the tick of the clock, but the moments found within each of the nine tracks on MantraSequent carry an opportunity to honor the maelstrom of the mind - and all its dimensional potential.

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Jeffrey Koepper: Live on STAR'S END 18 June 2017
Jeffrey Koepper

Jeffrey Koepper realizes his work using a wonderful set of musical colors made on vintage analog electronic gear - a process of going back to go further. The rounded tones of synth lead lines hover and float above ever-changing sequencer territory. With the structural divisions less clear-cut his interconnected pieces progress through a mindscape of phase-shifted pads, windy white noise sweeps and contrapuntal fantasies of mechanistic synchronization. Koepper's echoing tone patterns capture the kinetic energy of traveling through space - this music without sharp dramatic climaxes is all about the journey. Koepper is excited by all that is going on in his music, and its features that seem to point far into the future.

Jeffrey Koepper returns to STAR'S END for a live-to-air set of new electronic Spacemusic on the 06.18.17 broadcast. This special presentation is set to coincide with the release of Koepper's new album MantraSequent.

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Robert Rich: Sound Out - June 2017
Robert Rich I feel as though I have known Robert Rich since the early 1980s, which is when I first heard his music. But we actually met, in person, in 1995, which is when Robert traveled east from his Bay-Area home to the Philadelphia region for a family memorial. I felt as though I had learned a lot about him just by listening to his music, but after socializing over a few beers (at Doobies), I found Robert to be a confident, learned and substantial person - who through easy, congenial chat presented me with one engaging new idea and thought after another. Our subsequent encounters were no less stimulating, and were added to through the ties of teamwork experienced while presenting his many concert performances in Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series.

As Robert Rich was making ready his Sleep Concert earlier this month, he took time to take part in this interview for our monthly Sound Out feature - which finds me asking him questions which have arisen out of our previous in-person encounters, as well as by his recently released music.

I hope you will take time to read through to the end my interview with Robert Rich, as there is much more to know about him than just whatever his discography may reveal. Thanks! -chuckv

June 2017 Sound Out Robert Rich (click here)


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Robert Rich Sleep Concert: Broadcast Live on the 06.04.17 - Midnight to 8AM
Sleep Concert A Robert Rich Sleep Concert is aimed at the nebulous territory that exists in our minds when we are hovering between awake and asleep, and still aware of our environment - yet detached, as the half-sleeping psyche wanders into the realm of hypnogogic images and dreamlike non-linearity. The music at one of these events may be found to act as a trigger for these flowing thoughts, and the activation of the surrounding environment can help listeners skate around the edges of sleep, with part of us in the dream world, and part in the physical space where we are sleeping.

The Robert Rich Sleep Concert of Sunday 4 June 2017 was not a typical installment of The Gatherings Concert Series. The remarkable location of this one time special event is The Rotunda Sanctuary, in Philadelphia, PA. This space does not offer any conventional seating whatsoever. Each attendee provided their own sleeping apparatus, which will be used to recline or sleep upon.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the STAR'S END radio program on public radio station WXPN in Philadelphia, the Robert Rich Sleep Concert of Sunday 4 June 2017 was broadcast in its entirety live throughout a special expanded edition of STAR'S END from Midnight to 8:00AM. Thanks to everyone who turned up, tuned in and helped out.

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