STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 26 March 2006
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia/88.1fmWXPH HarrisburgPA/90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD
Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Janet Robbins           Prisons in Democracy    Carrying the Bag of Hearts vol 2
Spyra                   Aerial                  Orphan Waves (fax)
Biosphere               Altostratus             Dropsonde (touch)
Saul Stokes             Gliders                 Vast (foundry)
Robert Rich             Electric Ladder         Electric Ladder

Saul Stokes - Live In-Studio On-Air STAR'S END Radio Concert 03.26.06

K Leimer  Dark Form.Unusable Spectrum.Interior  Statistical Truth (pol)
Move D/Namlook          Springtime              Let the Circle Be Unbroken (fax)
M Bentley               Import                  This World (foundry)

4:00am - DJ Kel (Scott Kelly) Mixes 4-5am
KiloWatts               Rocketeer               Problem/Solving
Journeyman              Mama 6 (excerpt)        Mama 6 (ntone)
Z-arc                   Mare Imbrium pt 1       Mare Imbrium (clickclickdrone)
Gel-sol                 Ohne Schlage            Unifactor
Dom F. Scab             Materia Obscura         Analogical Confessions (groove)
Shad T. Scott           Phluphation             Pail EP (isophlux)
Thomas Koner            A (excerpt)             Unerforschtes Gebiet (die stadt)
Low Profile Society     Example 4               12" (toytronic)
Woob                    Void, Pt 2 (remix)      12" (beeswax)
Eric T'sas/Matthew Florianz - Molenstraat 17:42 - Molenstraat (h/s)
The Black Dog - Break Down on Lake Shore Drive - Silenced (dust science)
Marsen Jules            Yara 06                 Yara (autoplate)
Kwook                   Tangerine Fuzz          Kwinkunx
Susumu Yokota & Rothko  Sentiero                Distant Sounds Of Summer (lo)
Off The Sky       Through Time Stained Windows  Caustic Light (autoplate)
OrNot               Illigant Brogues (excerpt)  Triplet EP (umbrella noize)
Deaf Center             Weir                    Pale Ravine (type)

Chas Smith              Descent                 Descent (cold blue)
Gregg Kowalsky          Ashes From Evermore     Through The Cardinal Window
Jason Sloan             Part Four               Hymns for the Afterlife (slobor)
Chad Hoefler           Bending Chromatic Light  Quiet Glow (lotuspike)


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