STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 9 April 2023
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Thaneco			Discs Of Pyramus Fossae		Structures on Mars (syngate)
Huron			Sunset in Reserve		Huron is Dead, Long Live hur0n (self-released)
Luke Sanger		Sassafrass			Salt Water Motifs (quiet details)
Rachika Nayar		Aurobindo 			Our Hands Against the Dusk (nna tapes)
AEGYRE			Santamasa Planet		Binary Tydes (self-released)
Martin Nonstatic	Shibalba			Unlocked EP (ultimae)
Chris Meyer		Tempestarius			Cause and Effect (DiN)

KiloWatts		track 6 7 8			Undercurrent (self-released)
Cosmic Ground		Entropy				Entropy (self-released)
Issei Herr		Fugato.Aveu			Distant Intervals (nna tapes)

Node			Continental Drift		Singularity (DiN)
Chuck van Zyl		Unclaimed			Tears in Rain: Vangelis Tribute (aural films)
Jeff Greinke		A Thousand Year Flood		A Thousand Year Flood (projekt)
Jeff Pearce		Path to Returning		Path to Returning (self-released)

Saul Stokes		Reconnected by Time (excerpt)	The Gatherings 16 November 2013 (cima of pa)
Rudy Adrian		Maple Glen			A Walk in the Shadow Garden (spotted peccary)
Steve Roach		The Knowing Place (excerpt)	Rest of Life (projekt)

Ryuichi Sakamoto	Railroad Man			BTTB (sony classical)
Carl Weingarten		Dreaming in Colors (at Length)	The Simian River Collection 1980-2020 (multiphase)
Field Lines Cartographer - Sunrise Through Wires	This Vibrating Earth (castles in space)
Brian Eno		Discreet Music			Performed by Dedalus Ensemble (sub rosa)
Off Land		Talisman: Sinking Leaves	The Moon Rituals (shimmering moons records)


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