STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 03 June 2012
88.5fmWXPN Philadelphia|99.7fmWXPH HarrisburgPA|90.5fmWKHS Worton/BaltimoreMD|
Host: Jeff Towne / Dave Maier

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

1:07am  AeTopus	                Face of the Past        Between Empires (Bryan Tewell Hughes)
1:12am  The Tangent Project     Fuse                    Fuse (Tangent Project)
1:30am  Solar Fields            Perception              [Random Friday] (Ultimae)
1:40am  Divine Matrix           Cloud Formations        Atmospheric Variations (AD Music) 
1:46am  hab                     Pan                     maPOd (dot)
1:52am  The American Dollar     (hidden track)          Awake in the City (Yesh)
1:56am  Bryan Carrigan          Kayak                   Focus (Peonies Music)

2:00am (2-3am programmed by Dave Maier) 
2:05	Eluder                  The Path Presents Itself  The Most Beautiful Blue [INFX 033]
2:09	Kiln                    Pureloveplate             Thermals [INFX 017]
2:11	Andrew Liles            No Ending - No Beginning  An Un World [INFX 004]
2:13	Celer                   In a Pulse                The Everything and the Nothing [INFX 036]
2:21	Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21    Solitude     No Traces [INFX 027]
2:28	Parks                   Light on Mountain         [hidden] [INFX 048]
2:36	Alio Die & Aglaia       Radiatus                  Private History of the Clouds [INFX 037]
2:43	Tetsu Inoue             health loop               World Receiver reissue [INFX 015]
2:51	Milieu                  Pollen Cabin Poetry       A Warm Wooden Hollow [INFX 029]
2:56	Adam Pacione            sava                      from stills to motion [INFX 023]
2:59	Aloof Proof             The Last Leaf             Piano Text reissue [INFX 030]

3:00am (3-4am programmed by Dave Maier) 
3:05am 	Wendy Carlos            Title Music               A Clockwork Orange (East Side Digital)
3:07am	Cliff Martinez          What's Your Daughter On?  Traffic (TVT Soundtrax)
3:11am	Mychael Danna           Thin Ice                  The Sweet Hereafter (Virgin) 
3:16am	Popol Vuh               Die Nacht der Himmel      Nosferatu (Spalax) 
3:21am	Andrey Dergatchev       In the Bedroom            The Return (ECM)
3:25am	Ry Cooder/Howie B  -  Don't Even Know She Got One (Echoplex Mix)  -  The End of Violence (Outpost)
3:29am	Biosphere               Tunnel                    Insomnia (Origo) 
3:34am	Maurice Jarre           Book's Disappearance      Witness (Varö¨se Sarabande)
3:38am	Eleni Karaindrou        Ulysses' Theme, Litany    Ulysses' Gaze (ECM)
3:44am	Peter Gabriel           Passion	                  Passion/The Last Temptation of Christ (Real World) 
3:52am	Vangelis                Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria  1492: Conquest of Paradise (Atlantic)

4:00am  Chuck Van Zyl           Marble Orchard Nocturne    MemorySpace (Synkronos) 
4:14am  Nothing But Noise       Mooglish/Silenzio Monofoniche   Not Bleeding Red (Future Noise Music)
4:28am  Stefano Barone          Live Zoe 9-11              Danze Altalenanze (Candyrat) 
4:38am  d. Darkwater  - I Think He's Doing it with a Hammer -  Levers and Cogs (Stromatilites)
4:44am  d. Darkwater            The Unanswered             Levers and Cogs (Stromatilites)
4:48am  d. Darkwater            Marsh Light                Levers and Cogs (Stromatilites)
4:54am  Hunter and Harrison     Liquid to Solid/Crystalization - Phase 1 (Music with Space)

5:00am  Jon Foxx/Harold Budd    After All This Time        Translucence/Drift Music (Edsel) 
5:06am  Sigur Ros               Fjogur Piano               Valtari (XL Recordings) 
5:12am  Broken Harbour          The Ballad of Dave Bowman pt 2    Gramophone Transmissions (Broken Harbour)
5:20am  Alex Cline              Nourishing Our Roots       Continuation (Cryptogramophone)
5:30am  Robert Rich             Helios                     Medicine Box (Robert Rich) 
5:41am  The Tangent Project     Suspension                 Live 2010-2011 (Tangent Project) 
5:46am  Coyote Oldman           Mosaic Sky                 Time Travelers (Coyote Oldman) 
5:50am  Giorgio Li Calzi        Das Unheimliche            Organum (Zoom) 


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