STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 5 October 2014
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Shane Morris/Mystified		Growing Into New Territory - Evolution (spotted peccary)
E Wollo/B Wostheinrich  Gabreta Silva           Weltenuhr (DiN)
Simian Mobile Disco     Nazard                  Whorl (anti)
Erren Fleissig Schottler Steffen - Trails       Night on Ouddorp (self-released)
Harold Budd             Jane 21                 Jane 12-21 (darla)
Christopher Willits     Release                 Opening (ghostly int'l)
M Borghi/M Teager       Awaken the Electric Air Awaken the Electric Air (slobor media)
John Christian          Shudder                 Dark Matters (self-released)
Bell Gardens            Avere                   Slow Dawn for Lost Conclusions (rocket girl)

Moebius/Story/Leidecker Flathead                Snowghost Pieces (bureau b)
Brian Reitzell          Honeycomb               Auto Music (smalltown supersound)
Plastikman              EXpand                  EX (m_nus/mute)
Kodomo                  Orange Ocean            Patterns & Light (self-released)
Daniel McDermott        She                     The Lullaby Wars (psychonavigation)
Nima Fakhrara           Wake Up                 The Signal (varese sarabande)
Richard Reed Parry - Freeform Winds/String Drones - Music for Heart and Breath (deutsche grammophon)
Keaton Henson           Nearly Curtains         Romantic Works (oak ten)
Christopher Bono - The Dawning Space of Azure Light - Bardo (our silent canvas)
Dan Pound               Finding Beauty          Eros Thanatos (self-released)
onewayness/dRachEmUisk  Mudita                  Immeasurable (onomastic/mcsd)
Phillip Wilkerson       There You Are           Highlands Outtakes (self-released)

Twyndyllyngs            New Berlin              Horgon Fantasy (self-released)
Joost Egelie            Pioneers                From Mars to Earth (self-released)
Paul Ellis              Appears to Vanish 1     Six of One vol 1 (self-released)
Alpha Wave Movement     Shanti                  Horizons (harmonic resonance)
Pollard Canovas Dolente Michael - Conjunction   Two Roads (acoustic wave)
Tangerine Dream         Cryo Lab                Wavelength (la la land)

Sapphirine Phlant       Spacst                  Odds and Ends (psychonavigation)
Wolves in the Throneroom - tracks 3 4 5         Celestite (art emisia)
Jeff Pearce             Cloudfall               With Evening Above (self-released)
Marsen Jules            Part 1                  Marsen Jules at GRM (oktaf)
Roger Zuydervelt        Stillness #3            Stillness Soundtracks (glacial movements)

Jack Hertz              Mountains               Drive (aural films
Jonn Serrie             The Sum Over Histories  Day Star (new world)
Nelson Foltz/Tom Lynn   Departure               Departure (stillsounds)
Story/Roedelius         Parts 1 2               Lazy Arc (seventh chance)


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