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Artist Title Label
AirSculpture Europa Neu Harmony
James Asher Dance of the Light New Earth
Biosphere Substrata Thirsty Ear
Ketil Bjornstad/David Darling The River ECM
Ian Boddy Continuum Something Else
Ian Boddy/Ron Boots Phase 3 Groove
Ron Boots Too Many Secrets Groove
Thom Brennan Beneath Clouds Arya
Cathexis Exempli Gratia Hypnotic
Cluster Live USA 1996 Purple Pyramid
Jim Cole/Spectral Voices Coalescense Spectral Spiral
Coma Virus Hidden Side Effects
Crown Invisible Crown Invisible Cursor Club
Dilate Octagon Hypnotic
Forrest Fang The Blind Messenger Cuneiform
Robert Fripp Beyond the Darkness That Which Passes
Ruben Garcia Room Full of Easels Close Tolerance
Mathias Grassow Lanzarote Spirits No CD
Green Adaptor Loska Hypnotic
M Griffin Sudden Dark Hypnos
Hazard Lech Malignant
Human Mesh Dance thesecretnumbertwelve 12k
Bernd Kistenmacher Compiled Dreams Green Tree
Al Gromer Khan Space Hotel New Earth
KooKoon High Wire Traumton
Labradford Labradford Kranky
Larkin O'cean Enso
Mo Boma Myths of the Near Future 3 Extreme
Mystical Sun Primordial Atmospheres n/l
Pete Namlook/HIA SHADO Fax
Kenneth Newby Sirens City of Tribes
Loren Nerell Lilin Dewa Side Effects
Nitramelo Soundtracks From Genius Loci Hypnotic
Richard Pinhas De l'un et Du Multiple Spalax
Radio Massacre Int'l Organ Harvest Centaur Discs
Red Shift Red Shift Champagne Lake
Robert Rich/Alio Die Fissures Fathom
Steve Roach On This Planet Fathom
Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana Cavern of Sirens Projekt
Stars of the Lid The Ballasted Orchestra Kranky
Saul Stokes Washed in Mercury Hypnos
Skuli Sverrisson Ceremonie Extreme
Surface 10 Surface 10 Hypnotic
Tear Ceremony Resin Simulacra
Phil Thornton Alien Encounter New World
Tuu Mesh Fathom
Undark 3396 Em:t
Viridian Sun Solar Noise Hypnos
Jiannis Zedamanis Jiannis Plugged Spheric

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