Artist: Erik Wollo
Album: Airborne

Released: 28 August 2012
Label: Projekt

Airborne Erik Wollo
To those among us who are not yet fans of Erik Wøllo, whatever are you waiting for? His exceptionally well-crafted music has been setting trends and stirring thoughts for many years. But it is not too late to engage with Norway's most interesting multi-instrumentalist as his starry career seems in constant ascension. Airborne (67'52") is his 16th solo release and a great place to begin collecting! Bringing to this project a diverse musical background Erik Wøllo delivers 12 tracks of contemporary instrumental music informed but not ruled by his experiences in orchestral composition, world music, electronica, ambient and spacemusic. Sparks fly as Wøllo follows the beat's story with pristine piano notes, lush synthesizer arrangements and the soft distortion of his blessed guitar tone. When the mood turns more contemplative we encounter minor key chords rolling outward through cavernous reverb - quiet expressions of deep emotions. As with all of Wøllo's albums, Airborne seems to possess a musical variety on the surface, but there is a cohesion underneath. The structure of each piece holds a uniformity of proportion, balance, symmetry, pacing and overall sonics - which helps make Airborne seem like one work unfolding over many parts. We know that there is no one right way to make an album, but lots of wrong ways - the whole process is very personal. Erik Wøllo knows this too, playing completely from that place that he feels in his heart.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   9 August 2012

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