Artist: Erik Wøllo & Bernhard Wöstheinrich
Album: Arcadia Borealis

Released: 27 October 2009
Label: DiN

Arcadia Borealis
Bernhard Wöstheinrich speaks in his own musical voice. Providing a unique perspective in his increasingly frequent collaborations in the DiN label catalogue, Wöstheinrich has quietly been playing with and influencing some of our community's most interesting talents. On Arcadia Borealis (63'23") Erik Wøllo takes his turn. His introspective approach to music results in the distillation of emotion while Wöstheinrich's private symbolism represents an urge for self-expression and release. The musical arc of this CD moves from curiously beautiful on the opening tracks to beautifully curious on the closing few. Each of the 12 pieces is fully formed and thoughtful. The more energetic songs are driven by firm beats amidst simultaneously sounding musical lines. With harmonies trailing behind melodies these shimmering works draw their power from the arctic regions upon which this music is based - informing the dramatic outline of Arcadia Borealis. As this album plays out it slows down, with each work disintegrating into swirling unanchored abstractions of sustained tonal ambiance. An intriguing listening experience, Arcadia Borealis benefits from great conceptualization, arranging and musicianship. Together this duo pulls off their first collaboration with startling brilliance.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 October 2009

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