Artist: Jeffrey Koepper
Album: Arctisonia

Released: 16 April 2011
Label: Air Space Records

Arctisonia Jeffrey Koepper
Arctisonia (72'47") is the seventh album in the superb discography of Jeffrey Koepper. Based on an arctic theme, this CD offers the listener seven tracks of frozen atmospheres, cold textures and icy forms - all realized with classic analogue synth sounds. Including gear by Moog, ARP, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Roland, Yamaha and many others from a bygone era, the equipment list reads like a keyboard catalogue from the 1970-80s. While Jean Michel Jarre and Michael Garrison seem to hover over his music Koepper communes with his machines in a fight against the notion that this genre belongs to history rather than the present. He knows well the territory of plugs, cables and jacks and crafts a pleasing palate of unique electronic tones. Upon this foundation a great deal of sonic architecture may be constructed. At the center of this musical world are syncopated sequencer rhythms. With our focus deepening on these exquisite rippling pulsations the parallel narratives of the multi-layered patterns are discerned. Koepper's personal philosophy may be heard in the pulsing and pumping notes running in mechanical precision, which is where this music seems to "think". Attention is also paid to other aural aspects beyond that of pulse. Chirping modulations underline sustaining synth-string chords and tuneful melodies. A growling drone-bass fills the lower register as leadlines play rapidly above. Arctisonia explores many moods and colors as it re-interprets something classic. Jeffrey Koepper composes music that captures the spirit of innovation, technology and an era where the use of the imagination was paramount. His works provide more than ambiance - this music provokes thought.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   21 April 2011

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