Artist: Robert Rich
Album: Atlas Dei

Released: May 2007
Label: Soundscape

Atlas Dei
The Atlas Dei (66'24") CD by Robert Rich contains excerpts from the soundtrack to Daniel Colvin's DVD of the same name. For this project Rich re-imagined several pre-existing pieces to go along with Colvin's fascinating visual art. Those who saw Rich perform live in Spring of 2006 at The Gatherings Concert Series will recall the stunning video presentation he played along with (which was an early version of this work). While the DVD contains Colvin's cerebral visuals matched to 90 continuous surround-sound minutes of Rich's music, the CD presents an interesting range of musical highlights. Avid fans will enjoy tracing the origins of each composition as Rich thoughtfully mined his back-catalogue for the most appropriate pieces, then fashioned them into something new. Atlas Dei works well as an audio only experience. Containing music derived from the darkest regions of the earth, to the brightest grain of stardust, Rich's work evokes the enigmatic nature of the universe while emphasizing its harmony with the human spirit. With his steel guitar, flutes, native percussion, field recordings, synthesizers and samplers Rich delves into the mysteries of the cosmos, and our unease at trying to fathom a place in it.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   24 May 2007

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