Artist: Steve Roach
Album: Bloom Ascension

Label: Projekt Records
Released: 30 August 2019

Bloom Ascension Steve Roach
Bloom Ascension (41'25") is a most striking creation. Here we find Steve Roach as musically insatiable as ever - and working through a life-long commitment to a distinct creative impulse. This album exemplifies the spare patterns, unwinding energy and low-boil minimalist vibe which propelled his Grammy nominated Molecules of Motion (2018) and Spiral Revelation (2017). A robustly orchestrated work, Bloom Ascension very nearly allows us to hear the musician's mind at work. Conducting ample instrumental forces Roach combines an innate feel for texture and gesture with his interest in the sonic intensity of Electronic Music and the sensual potential of modular synthesis. Each of the four tracks move high into the air, tracing graceful arcs of mechanical precision. With the rippling counterpoint of pinwheel dancing notes and skittering flows of sparked adventure we spin forward. As the whirling designs add additional mysteries, this work's pulsing, generating minimalism portends a slow but relentless tide of change. In this subtle shift in perspective, a deep down dark descends - leaving behind a trail of echoing notes and quickening chords. Inspired by a dream, we wake to a prophetic mission - and a view of the world which belongs to us all. Exerting an emotional pull Bloom Ascension culminates with spirits revived. Building a world in volume and density, we are drawn in completely - held in a true electronic moment, and experiencing the invisible symbols of sound.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END - 29 August 2019

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