Artist: Robert Rich
Album: Electric Ladder

Released: February 2006
Label: Soundscape

Electric Ladder Robert Rich
Robert Rich finds expression in his works by fusing nature, technology, art and craft into a musical replica of our earthly macrocosm. On Electric Ladder (55'16"), Rich demonstrates increasing genius and breadth in his musical language. The album begins in concentrated intensity as searing slide guitar leads snake above animated electronic patterns and pulsating bass line. The music here is concise, exhilarating and charged by a keen sense of drama. Moving through Electric Ladder we find multi-layered pieces enlivened by misty flute solos, floating glissando guitar, tiered woodwinds, interlacing sequencer rhythms and ethereal synth pads. Each successive track, fueled by his captivating musical intuition, reveals Rich's growing compositional sophistication. Less active areas within the meshes of musical fabric are like an oasis nestled inside this work's ambitious design. With movements of dreamlike stillness, fierce brilliance, and pure seduction, Robert Rich realizes a sonic state where everything is alive and in flux.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 April 2006

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