Artist: Vic Hennegan
Album: Field of Worlds and Mirrors

Released: 16 April 2011
Label: Alien Tribes

Field of Worlds and Mirrors Vic Hennegan
With Field of Worlds and Mirrors (45'02") Vic Hennegan builds on the success of his albums Aqua Vista (2008) and Desert God (2004). Continuing a brilliant musical output, Hennegan's work departs somewhat from Spacemusic's focus on the artist's internal state to also reference the external world. His music captures the spirit of innovation, technology and all the positive aspects of our modern age. An analogue seed grown in a digital garden, the past is at his back - pushing. The music ramps up and winds down in wonderfully dramatic cycles. Hennegan produces enough extra twists, turns and innovations to make Field of Worlds and Mirrors original. Synthetic sonorities pulse with energy as sequencer patterns echo and churn beneath heroic lead melodies. Exotic modulations flutter above the sigh of warm chords while drums swing in a cerebral backbeat. Hennegan's music is a complicated interplay between an ingrained pop sensibility and expansive cosmic yearning - and should be celebrated for its big-hearted intelligence. His masterfully multi-layered music creates a world alluringly suspended between the dancefloor and the cosmos.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 April 2011

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