Artist: Robert Rich
Album: Illumination

Released: May 2007
Label: Soundscape

Illumination Robert Rich
In a mood of philosophical calm, Robert Rich realizes music imbued with a sense of wonder at creation. The seven works on Illumination (71'06") are based on the concept that music should be simplified and enlarged, and Rich achieves a powerful stillness. As static masses of sound and colliding tonal spheres emerge out of his dramatically forceful musical imagination, the soundfield moves beyond the human scale. From quietly haunting to restless dissonance and bleak humming atmospherics, Illumination is gripping, mysterious and resonant. Rich is a true sculptor of sound and provides the listener with a nearly tactile experience. He works with sound and its sensation, and continually discovers new meaning in the creative impulse - while his fans drift within the inscrutable vastness of his work.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   16 August 2007

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