Artist: Jeffrey Koepper
Album: Luminosity

Released: January 2009
Label: Air Space Records

Luminosity Jeffrey Koepper
In his exploration of analogue synthesis, Jeffrey Koepper continually comes up with music less lab experiment than works of personal expression. On Luminosity (73'32") Koepper realizes nine multi-layered and multi-faceted electronic pieces that fit nicely alongside precedent releases by acclaimed Spacemusic luminaries. The distinguishing characteristic of Luminosity is its cerebral (sometimes solemn, sometimes ecstatic) energy. This CD achieves the heights of Koepper's best work all the while reaching into the depths for meaning - taking us even further into Koepper's creative center. Avoiding digitalism he leads listeners on a heady musical journey full of Mellotron pads, buzzing filter sweeps, simple waveforms and a complex landscape of synchronized sequencer controlled patterns. Stepping through each measure, the machine-like rhythms repeat and grow additional lines - each in and of itself a deceptively simple arrangement of rests and notes. Taken together this music works as a mysterious system that perfectly occupies a plane where the human spirit, music technology and the cosmos coexist.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   12 February 2009

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