Artist: Roedelius/Story
Album: The Persistence Of Memory

Label: Seventh Chance Recordings

The Persistence of Memory Roedelius/Story
On 9 October 1999, Achim Roedelius and Tim Story performed together at The Gatherings Concert Series in Philadelphia. What the audience experienced inside St Mary's church was the realization of a long dreamed of collaboration. The wonderous concert was the culmination of a well calculated plan which was ultimately foiled as the two artists were swept away in a fever of abstract expressionism. Rehearse all you like, intuition, timing and environment are at the heart of this art as the very nature of the sound collage is indeterminacy.

Just over a year later, the duo has released The Persistence Of Memory, a 56 minute homage to their pre-, post- and Gatherings concert collaboration. The disc melds studio sessions with tape from the live concert while the music combines Roedelius's sonic abandon and Story's lyrical warmth. Without rhythm, the music twists and shifts in imaginative ways and the listener is soon lost in the thoughts, memories and passions of two extraordinary talents. To produce The Persistence of Memory, Roedelius and Story had to enter the darkness of improvisation. The music here is the shadow cast by the enlightenment gained at concert's close.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   25 December 2000


For photos and reviews of the Roedelius/Story performance, please access the Gatherings website: