Artist: Jeffrey Koepper
Album: Quadranteon

Released: September 2009
Label: Air Space Records

Quadranteon Jeffrey Koepper
Jeffrey Koepper's internal wiring seems at odds with modern times. In a culture where the ringtone passes for art and music is frozen and compressed into ninety-nine cent sound files Koepper's expressive use of Electronic Music equipment boldly aligns with the mechanisms of the mind rather than mere fleeting trends. His precisely programmed swirling Spacemusic seduces listeners into a kaleidoscopic inner-sanctum where time is suspended and the outside world fades away. His CD Quadranteon (72'25") was realized using a wonderful set of musical colors made on vintage analog gear - a process of going back to go further. The rounded tones of synth lead lines hover and float above ever-changing sequencer territory. With the structural divisions less clear-cut the four interconnected pieces progress through a mindscape of phase-shifted pads, windy white noise sweeps and contrapuntal fantasies of mechanistic synchronization. Koepper's echoing tone patterns capture the kinetic energy of traveling through space - this music without sharp dramatic climaxes is all about the journey. Koepper is excited by all that is going on in his music, and its features that seem to point far into the future.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   15 October 2009

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