Artist: Spyra/Lang
Album: SeQuest

Released: May 2010
Label: Ricochet Dream

Every composer writes in the influences they grew up with. Throughout his interesting career the celebrated German synthesist Spyra has built upon a foundation of classic 1970s era Klaus Schulze as a basic inspiration, as well as 80s Prog-Rock and 90s IDM, to create a fascinating range of original Electronic Music - which takes the listener well beyond what his predecessors and contemporaries ever imagined. With each new Spyra CD we experience a new cycle of intimacy. On SeQuest (66'09") Spyra, with Chris Lang, creates an irresistibly likable Spacemusic. With its traditional virtues of melody and harmony the resplendent tone poetry may at times be airy, but never air-headed. Even spaced rhythms pulse and echo in intriguing patterns as lead lines, bold and expressive, seem to speak directly to the listener. Unafraid to be slow and sultry, on SeQuest Spyra and Lang also realize music meant to touch the heart once it has massaged the mind. Critics often miss the complexities of this music. Spyra is among the most expressive musicians working in the EM genre. The manner in which he moves through significant moods, textures and energy levels enlivens his pieces with a mysterious emotional atmosphere - within which we as listeners are grateful to be in contact.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 May 2010

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