Artist: Tim Story
Album: Shadowplay

Label: Hearts of Space

Shadowplay Tim Story
Surely, Tim Story is one of the greater angels of our musical nation. With the timing of Miles Davis, the breadth of Achim Roedelius and the harmonic invention of Charles Ives, Tim Story's Shadowplay offers us ten somber compositions for oboe, cello, piano, synths, samplers and guitar. To his credit, Story's range of instrumentation and mood spans the entire album as easily as it comes together in one solitary piece. A talented demonstration of composition, production and execution, Shadowplay is polished but never glossy. Each piece is transportive and immediate: the hope and optimism of "Erstwhile", the peaceful twilight of "When All Beyond Was Wild" and the way we die a little every time we hear "Slippery Hours", Story's impressionistic sonic vignettes are the true memory of a place seen, an emotion experienced, a process undergone and leave us centered and whole, introspective after the event.

Shadowplay belongs in a timecapsule or shot into space along with the few other defining works of our post twentieth century society; to be admired and enjoyed by an advanced race who will no doubt wonder, "what enlightened intelligence created this wonderful music? what an idyllic age it must have been".

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   14 March 2001