Artist: Steve Roach
Album: Sigh of Ages

Released: 13 July 2010
Label: Projekt

Sigh of Ages Steve Roach
Musical projects by Steve Roach have in varying degrees been very personal expressions. His CD Sigh of Ages (73'50") establishes and explores six unique atmospheres and gradually reveals this artist's interior state. Synthetic tones rush together forming a still subtle space. These restless meditations shape sound into musical textures whose qualities combine and separate in fascinating ways. Understanding the power of simplicity Roach rolls out low drones beneath modulating synth string chords. A sustaining mood arises - eventually resolving in an ambient sigh. This album features sequencer patterns as well, and these pieces move toward a restrained, poetic minimalism. In his music Roach portrays himself as the man in the labyrinth, not lost in a maze but rather on a journey of discovery - charting the inner map of knowing. The dark lessons of Sigh of Ages provide lasting reverberations. Each track is distinctively evocative - a tender sonic montage leading the listener quietly into the night.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   22 July 2010

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