Artist: STAER
Album: Telemetry

Label: self-released
Released: 3 September 2019

Telemetry Ian Staer
The mind of Ian Staer is ever moving, through regions dark and light. Recording and playing concerts under the name ST∆ER his work communicates interiority, transmitting the composer's interior landscape to the audience in very effective ways. The release Telemetry (61'54") features recordings from live performances for WXPN/Star's End on 12 May 2019 and WPRB/Music with Space on 21 June 2019. By listening to this album, you have taken your first steps onto a larger world - a realm where the human hand and eye has taken over from the computer. Utilizing conventional synthesizer keyboards alongside modular systems, Staer moves our bodies to the pulse of the galaxy while energizing our minds at the speed of sound. To realize the works found on Telemetry Staer set out with a unique organizational framework from which the fabric of his compositions are woven. Influencing the listener's perception of discord, accord, tension and release, he tells his story - and we make our journey. Something urgent is running beneath the surface of this music. Harmonies breathe with the intricacies of proportion, consonance, dissonance and resonance. Chords rise and fall, then push and pull one another above mechanized sequencer energy. Consisting of live versions of two previously released arrangements, and two new pieces realized especially for the concert setting, the contour of this album traces a dynamic arc. From minimalist patterns meant to arouse the adventurous, and questioning interludes of metallic drones, to dramatic piano themes and wondrously modulated aural accents, the mounting tension resolves into a plane of possibility and wonder. Yet, although analyzing each movement may be an interesting occupation, taken on the whole Telemetry transcends its individual parts. The act of conceiving this music, learning how to play it live, overcoming doubt, then producing this CD has lead to Ian Staer declaring himself - in what will surely be thought of as a substantial milestone once he has traveled further along his path. But now, what sets this musician apart from his contemporaries is an enthusiasm, optimism and ambition found only in the beginner - one who knows that the only limit there is on the future are the doubts of today.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   8 August 2019

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