Artist: Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes>
Album: Vine - Bark & Spore

Label: Timeroom

Vine - Bark & Spore
Vine - Bark & Spore by Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes conjures up images of mysticism, legend and ritual. This interesting collaboration was brought into being through Reyes' mysterious guiding influence on Roach's acclaimed expansive and sweeping soundscapes. The duo are down from the horizon, bent to the dark Terran soil of the primordial world. While the production and realization are entirely hi-tech, the inspiration is from pre-industrial times. The album's spiritual symbolism has its origins in Reyes' perspective on the world and its ancient governing powers. Roach expertly directs, documents and participates in the exerience, translating the abstractions into a 21st century medium. With tape rolling, the two friends returned to a time when much of what humankind experienced was routinely accepted as myth and magic. This ancient truth shapes Vine - Bark & Spore into less of a collaboration than a spell cast.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END   22 August 2000

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