Profile: Dweller at the Threshold
Dweller at the Threshold Inspired by the electronic music movement of pre-ambient/techno Europe, Dweller at the Threshold grew out of a fascination with the ability of electronic music to create a cinematic experience in sound. Using modular synthesis, DatT produces original electronic excursions incorporating interesting rhythms and harmonies with deep-space textures. To DatT, the synthesizer is a creative tool which offers a wide palette of contrasting textures that can be animated by hands-on manipulation.
No Boundary Condition   Illumination Generation Transmission   Ouroboros
Dweller at the Threshold is based in the Pacific Northwest and includes Dave Fulton and John Duval on synths and Lon Cudy on guitar. To date, DatT has delivered three original CD releases: No Boundary Condition, Generation Transmission Illumination and Ouroboros plus Hard Particles, a solo CD by DATT founder Dave Fulton as well as The Most Distant Point Known and Imprint, the collaborations between Mike Griffin + Dave Fulton .

Dweller at the Threshold, along with Synthetic Block, performed in Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series on 23 September 2000. It was their first-ever performance on the east-coast. For reviews and concert images, please access The Gatherings website at:

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