STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 24 January 2021
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2020 - Year in Review Part Five *


Penterakt		Preflight Introspection		Conquest of the Moon (self-released)
Lars Leonhard		Dragon Spacecraft		Spaceflight (synphaera)
Tony Swettenham		Rushing Below Breathing Above	The Darkest Voyage (fruits de mer)
Olafur Arnalds		Loom (feat Bonobo)		Some Kind of Peace (mercury kx)
Johnny Woods		After Dawn			The Wild vol 1 (self-released)
Francis M Gri		Bind or Break			The Ropes (slowcraft)
James Murray/Mike Lazarev - Appanihita			Sunnata (home normal)
Fringo Chills		Welcome Springtime		...cooled (syngate)
Diamond Gloss		August				FLK (fluttery records)

Arjen Schat		Cosmic Frame (edit)		Cosmic Reef (self-released)
Dark Sparkler		Caol IIa			Are You Working With Me or Against Me (behind the sky music)
Kevin Kendle		Centaurians			Laniakea (eventide)
Ian Boddy		The Fallen			Axiom (DiN)
Transponder		N23				Hyperion Gate (exosphere)
Jesper Pedersen		Altitude			Katydids (self-released)
Evenfall		Moving While Motionless		Monsoon Winds (heart dance records)
Christel Veraart	Taygete				Pleiades (self-released)
Tapes and Topographies	Peacocks in the Verdant Brush	Inoculations (dronarivm)
Mike Clay		Threshold			Imaginary Edges (heart dance records)

Steve Roach		Spiral of Strength		Tomorrow (projekt)
Starterra		Council of Nine			Celestial (exosphere)
Martin Nonstatic	Traverse			Treeline (ultimae)
John Christian		Midnight Masque			Elastic Stochastic (self-released)
Time Being		Unfolding Way			An Ocean of Time (spotted peccary)
Divine Matrix		Walking the Tideline		Beachcombing (ad music)
Jon Durant		Flow				Soul of a River (alchemy records)
Cartas de Japon		Uritorco			Gemstones (cyclical dreams)
Craig Padilla/Skip Murphy - Nebula			Waveforms (see peace music)
Michael Whalen		An Ocean of Candlelight		Sacred Spaces (myndstream)

Matthias Grubel		Stars Under Snow...		Matters of Stability (truthtable)
Foam and Sand		Circle 17			Circles Inside a Circle (modularfield)
Blue Lily Commission	Drugged Yule in Berlin		Ombience (self-released)
Djam Karet		The Naked and the Dead		Suspension and Displacement (hc productions)
Tukico			Permeation			Primitive (subcontinental records)
Corrado Maria De Santis	Burns Slowly Into Day		A Dark Mist (bullflat3.8)
Desensitized		Hemispherica Portalis		Hemispherica Portalis (spotted peccary)
Bouvetoya		It's All Done With Mirrors	The Fiction Makers (syngate)
Sam Rosenthal et al	Trip 1				Tim Where Are You Now (projekt)
Russ Young		Phalo				Tunnels to Float Through (audiobulb)

Softbase		Of Its Time			Of Its Time (self-released)
Laroth			Observation			Reflections(txt recordings)
K Leimer		Art and Science (Live)[excerpt]	Music for Land and Water | Complete (palace of lights)
Spuntic			Nightflight			Silent Escape(txt recordings)
A.D.S.R.		Isolation			Uno (syngate)
Off Land		Drifting.Vernal Causality	Welkin Paths(txt recordings)
Stimulus Timbre		Masana				Unfolding Cycles(txt recordings)
TJ Porter		A Different World		Glacial (self-released)


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