STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 9 February 2020
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Radio Massacre Int'l	Encore				M21 (northern echo)
Remote Vision		Survey Pilot			The Outer Plateau (exosphere)
Hyperkube		tracks 1 2 3			Remnants (self-released)
Steve Brenner/Peter Gulch - Stellar Crossfire		Stellar - Tunnel (synkronos music)

Frank Makowski		Fliegende Schatten: Canon 1	Canon der Finsternisse (diffusschall)
['ramp]			Synchronize or Die		Synchronize or Die (doombient)
Chuck van Zyl  To the Close and Holy Darkness: Pts 4	Recitals 3 (synkronos music)

Vic Hennegan            As the Crow Flies		Field of Worlds and Mirrors (alien tribes)
Praguedren              Neon Green Skies		Aurora Australis (dank disk)
Dave Luxton             Worlds Unknown			Dark Moon (wayfarer)
Subtractivelad          Hesperus is Phosphorus		Kindred (n5md)
Brian Vassallo          Part 3				Memoirs of a Lifetime (self-released)
Near the Parenthesis    tracks 5 6			Japanese for Beginners (n5md)
Steve Dinsdale          Part I				On the Other Side (northern echo)

K Markov	    Search for the Heliopause Boundary  Neighborhood of the Outer Planets (self released)
Jim Ottaway		Apocalyptic Signs		Beautiful Desolation (self released)
James Murray/Francis M Gri - Lontano			Remote Redux (ultimae)
Rob Simonsen		Spectre				Reveries (masterworks)
5:00am Juta Takahashi Pleochroism 1 Pleochroism (neotantra) Eric the Taylor Far From Where You Stand The Guidance of Ancestry (touched music) Sven Laux/Harry Towell We've Been Waiting for You Until We Fall (fluid audio) Markus Reuter excerpt Live in Bethlehem 2013 (iapetus media)

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