STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 26 February 2023
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Arjen Schat		Non-Stellar Radiation		The Extragalactic Sessions 4 (self-released)
loscil/Lawrence English	Black				Colours of Air (kranky)
Anthene			Artifact			Shelter (dronarivm)
Martin Sturtzer		Celestial Hues			Ambient Nights Vol 1 (self-released)
Gustavo Jobim		The Shores of Fate		Dangerous Night (cyclical dreams)

TM Solver		tracks 1 2 3			Dividuum (syngate)
American Astro Monkey Project - MPZ 02			Mono/PolyZation (self-released)

Peak			Nightmist/Abyss			Ebondazzar (innovative communication)
Vangelis		Himmalya.Summit			China (polydor)
Mind Over Matter	Ganga (The River of Life)	The Colours of Life (innovative communication)
Tim Story		These Few Words			Beguiled (hearts of space)
Software		Dancing Venus			Electronic Universe (innovative communication)

Broekhuis Keller Schonwalder - Westervolde Triple	The Vlagtwedde Tapes (manikin)
Jonn Serrie		Off-World Rendezvous		Elysian Lightships (valley entertainment)
Oora			Lamento				The Mavis EP (self-released)
The Necks		Bloodstream			Travel (northern spy)
Daniel Rotem		Alien Love Song			Wave Nature (colorfield records)

Jarguna/Nicola Serena	Bright Garden			Amongst Jungles (projekt)
Ascendant		The Loom			Elemental Air (aura)
Lorenzo Montana		Ornato				Decorar Silenzio (projekt)
Craig Padilla/Marvin Allen - Aquatic			Weathering the Storm (spotted peccary)
Meredith Monk		Braid 2				The Recordings: Mercy (ecm)
Steve Roach		tracks 8 9			Ambient Church - New York City (timeroom)


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