STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 15 March 2020
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Steve Roach		The Sky Opens			The Sky Opens (projekt)
Vic Hennegan		On the Tail of a Comet		Between the Spaces (self-released)
Chuck van Zyl		Conduction: Part 4		Live on Star's End 10.06.19 (industry8)
Alluste			Obsequium 			Aludra (self-released)
grum~pe			Crossing Etherwaves		The Danger in Dreams (self-released)
Hollan Holmes		The Phone Call			Milestones (spotted peccary)
Richard Bone		Canopy of Sorrows		Empyrean Castles (quirkworks)

Arjen Schat		Intricacies Of Life		LP2 (tresor d argent)
Spyra/Lang		Santorini			SeQuest (manikin)
James Murray & Francis M Gri - Toma (extended)		Remote Redux (ultimae)
Jarguna/Seetyca		Terra Nativa			Tales of Millennial Tress (projekt)

Bryan Carrigan          Floating Above			Inspired (peonies music)
Land Observations       The Brenner Pass		The Grand Tour (mute)
Patrick Cassidy         A Lone Figure			Calvary (varese sarabande)
Marconi Union           Part 1				Weightless (just music)
Arbee & Bleupulp        Noeud D'ecoute			Rendement Possible? (self-released)
Arve Henriksen          Cosmic Creation Pt 8		Chron/Cosmic Creation (rune grammofon)
loscil                  Helluland			Fury and Hecla (gizeh)
Barreca/Leimer          Deformations			Premap (palace of lights)
Robert Davies           Drifts of Primrose		What the Moon Reveals (dataObscura)
Hammock			From Silence Into Silence	The Sleepover Series vol two (self-released)
Specta & The Circular Ruins - Empty Veranda		Middle Distance (dataObscura)
Dan Pound               Age of Innocence		Life Giving (self-released)

Kevin Braheny		Perelandra			The Way Home (hearts of space)
Don Slepian		Sea of Bliss			Sea of Bliss (self-released)

Jeff Pearce		Cathedral Light			Songs for The Gathering (self-released)
Amongst Myselves	I'd Hoped There'd Be Stars	The Good Earth (self-released)
Christopher Bissonnette	Choreographer of Space		The Wine Dark Sea (dronarivm)
K Leimer		August				A Figure of Loss (palace of lights)
Neuro... No Neuro	Scrape to Touch			A Particular Timeline (audio bulb)
Bob Guido		Mooregate			Bob Guido (self-released)
Ecovillage		Topanga feat Halftribe		Arrived (dronarivm)
Juta Takahashi		Pleochroism 1			Pleochroism (neotantra)


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