STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 27 March 2016
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Vic Hennegan            Sedona Rain             Space and Shadows (self-released)
Steve Roach             tracks 3 4 5            Live in Tuscon - Pinnacle Moments (timeroom)

K Markov                After the Storm         After the Storm (self-released)
G Getty/S Whitlam       Green Sequent           Even Higher Green (retrochet records)
Cosmonauttransfer       Deep Space 2            Deep Space (self-released)
Hotel Neon              Remnants                Remnants (fluid audio)

David Parsons           Offerings 2             Puja (gterma)
Chris Anderson    Shavi E Shumba Ofora Bamberi  Saving Cecil's Pride (radhaus)
John Gregorius          Benevolence             Still Voice (spotted peccary)
Uma                     Morning Embrace         Altered States (.com" target="new">self-released)
Csillagkod              Outside This World      All the Time (spotted peccary)
Fictions and Poetics    A Final Geography       Our Last Days (dataObscura)
Marvin Ayers            Secular Reveries        Circadian Rhythms (wall of waves)
Stratosphere            Explore                 Rise (projekt)
Slow Meadow feat. Hotel Neon - Blue Aubade      Blue Aubade (hammock music)
Nunc Stans              Resolution              Elementa (dataObscura)

Perge                   Anfa (Pt 1 & 2)         Aural Coefficients Within a Fractal Plane (perge music)
Michael Brueckner       Vagueness Part 1        Fog Music 35 (aural films)
Slow Meadow             A Distant Glow          Slow Meadow (hammock music)

Forrest Smithson        Aperture of Awareness   Reversal of Thought (self-released)
Craig Padilla           Heavenly Sails          Heaven Condensed (spotted peccary)
Havdis                  Dressed in dark Water   Novemberlys (gterma)


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