STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 2 April 2023
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Nick Dihedral/Shane Morris - Insight			Tears in Rain: Vangelis Tribute (aural films)
Cosmic Ground		Randomize User 0		Entropy (self-released)
Skoulaman/Stephan Whitlan - excerpt			Awakenings 18 March 2023 (awakenings)

Saul Stokes		Maybe in Berlin			Shattering Stimuli (self-released)
Node			Parallax			Singularity (DiN)
Neil Cippon		Track 2				Live on Star's End 08.28.2022 (self-released)

Klip Collective		Three Phased Monster		Dreamloop (klip collective)
Stellarium		Sponde Radiance			Pillars of Light (exosphere)
Arin Aksberg		It Flows Between Us		It Flows Between Us (projekt)
Ascendant		Under Clouds			Elemental Air (aura)
Vic Hennegan		tracks 4 5 6			A Moment in Time (self-released)

Jeff Greinke		Unseen				A Thousand Year Flood (projekt)
Erik Levander		Avilan				Kvad (supple9)
E-Clark Cornell		Instance 7			Instances Soniques (self-released)
subtractiveLAD		Some Good in This World		A Tree in Winter (self-released)
Bruce Wolosoff		The Lotus Eaters		Memento (avie)
Rudy Adrian		Dark Waters			A Walk in the Shadow Garden (spotted peccary)
Steve Roach		Softly Spoken Deeply Felt	Rest of Life (projekt)

Active Region		Dreamspan			Horizon Dispatch (exosphere)
Jeff Pearce		Forest Afternoon		Path to Returning (self-released)
Tapes and Topographies	No Longer There			Microtones (simulacra)


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