STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 1 June 2008
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Host: Jeff Towne

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Vataff Project    Orpheus Forest/Inner Beauty   Kalitz (Aleph Zero)
The Orb                 Orbisonia               The Dream(Liquid Sound)
Evan Marc/Steve Hillage - Intention Craft/Resurface - Dreamtime Submersible (Somnia)
Robert Schroeder        The Nomad Theme 2       D.MO vol 2  (Spheric)

Spyra                   Below 20                Gasoline 91 Octane (manikin)
Adham Shaikh            Micro Dreams            Bioluminescence (v/a) (Native State)
Another Fine Day        Buckets and Spades      Life Before Land (Anotherfinelabel)
Indigo Egg              Smiling Buddha          Ixland (Celestial Dragon)
Kwook                   Skywave pt 3 + 2        Skywave (blue oasis)

Ishq/Jake Stephenson    Kaleidoscope            Visions of Surya (Virtual Musical Reality)
Under the Radar         Clockwork               I was There, I Traveled, but I Can't Remember When (
Robert Rich/Ian Boddy   Blue Moon               React (DiN)
Carter Tutti        -  Forest Floor/Woven Clouds   - Feral Vapors of the Silver Ether (Divine Frequency)
Thomas Ronkin           UnderCurrents          Symmetric (Tristissima Records)
Forest  Fang/Carl Wiengarten    -  Running Fence  - Invisibility  (The Foundry)

Hans-Joachim Roedelius/Tim Story - Trouve  -  Inlandish (gronland)
K Liemer                Nonadaptive Layers pts 3-4   - Lesser Epitomes (Palace of Lights)
Coyote Oldman           Luminescence            Under an Ancient Sky (Hearts of Space)
Bill Nelson             pt 2                    Crimsworth (Resurgence)

Biomusique              The 10,000 Steps        The 10,000 Steps
Brian Eno               1/1                     Music for Airports
Jami Sieber             Returning               Unspoken
Hammock                 Gold Star Mothers       Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow
Bruno San Filippo and Mathias Grassow - pt 1    Ambessence Piano and Drones (AD21) 
Kevin Bartlett          Something, Probably     Glow in the Dark (aural gratification)
Richard Bone            Autumna Falls (Longer Season)  - Short Waves

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