STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 7 June 2015
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Erik Wollo              Sepia                   Blue Radiance (projekt)
B Salisbury/G Barrow    The Turing Test         Ex Machina (invada)
Christophe Beck         Five Miles Away         Good Kill (lakeshore)
Janneh                  Sunzone                 Love Times Time (self-released)
Alio Die/Lorenzo Montana - Silent Rumon         Holographic Codex (projekt)
Ian Boddy               Forgotten.Rest          Sepulchre (DiN/DDL)

Von Haushoven           Part 1                  Achtergrondstraling en Geroezemoes (self-released)
Filter-Kaffee           RubyRed                 102 (manikin)
Edgar Froese            Aqua                    Aqua (virgin)

Ombient/Chuck van Zyl   Star Cruiser            Space Patrol (synkronos music)
onewaynes/Modulator ESP Bridge 2                Astral Bridges (onomastic/ethereal live)
Steve Roach      Inner Weave at the Outer Edge  Skeleton Keys LP (diophantine)

AirSculpture            Necrophone              Vanishing Point 1 (self-released)
K Leimer                Fog Music               Fog Music 29 (aural films)

Alpha Wave Movement     Omniverse               System A (harmonic resonance)
Craig Armstrong         Hollow in the Ferns     Far From the Madding Crowd (sony)
P Barnhart/D Rose       Grace                   Falling to Grace (spirit wind)
Forrest Fang            Veldt Nypnosis          Letters to the Farthest Star (projekt)
David Torn              Only Sky                Only Sky (ecm)
Alio Die/Parallel Worlds - Dissolved Heaven     Elusive Metaphor (hic sunt leones)
Kate Moore              Zomer                   Dances and Canons (ecm)


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