STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 18 June 2023
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Jarmodular		Starry Lullaby			Sounds From the Black Machine (cyclical dreams)
Frederic + Olivier	Le Vieux Monsieur Personne	Folie a Deux (self-released)
David Can		Thoughtful in Silence		Kirkjufell EP (sine music)
Andrew Heath		Belonging			Fold (dronarivm)
Sarah Page		Meduses				Voda (backward music)
Son of Ohm		Wonderwill			Sadhana (self-released)
Gulan			Part 3				Space Projection (self-released)

Lyonel Bauchet		Le Grand Miroir 		Tractatus Lyra-Organismus (DiN)
K Markov		In Orbit			In Orbit (self-released)
Martin Sturtzer		Solar Vortex			Cosmic Echo (synphaera)
Klaus Schulze		Satz Exil Sils Maria		Irrlicht (brain)

jarguna			Gamma Grain			Granular Day in the Blue (projekt)
Palancar		Echinolattice 			Mesomatter I (self-released)
Aarktica		Morning Chorus			Paeans (projekt)
Ghost and Tape		Reyes				Freeform (home normal)
Michael Jon Fink	A Temperament for Angels	A Temperament for Angels (cold blue)

Federico Durand		Niebla, Montana, Pinos		Tour Tapes (home normal)
Christian Wittman	A Slow Awakening		Nocturnes I (self-released)
Alio Die/Lorenzo Montana - Glowing in the Depths	Dialogue of Water (projekt)
Dirk Schlomer		1st Take Etudes 2 		Dubby Nocturne II (iapetus-media)
Steve Roach		A Piece of Infinity (excerpt)	Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces (projekt)

Synthasis		Durch das Dunkel		Zu Abend Mein Herz (iapetus-media)
Fields We Found		Corners				Paths (self-released)
Deborah Martin/Jill Haley - Falling Away From The Earth	Into the Quiet (spotted peccary)
Steve Dinsdale		Parts 1 2 3 4			On the Other Side (northern echo)
Katherine Kyu/Hyeon Lim - Paloma			Starling (self-released)


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