STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 21 June 2020
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Martin Nonstatic	Kama				Apana (ultimae)
Umlaut			If the Eye Never Sleeps		Insight (audio bulb)
Johnny Woods		Secret Commonwealth		Portals (behind the sky music)
Helene Vogelsinger	Contemplation			Contemplation (modularfield)
Gert Emmens/Ruud Heij	Nightshift			Forgotten Tracks (self-released)
Ron Boots		Set 01 (excerpt)		The Gatherings 18 March 2017 (cima of pa)
Sinerider		Lapis				Moonflowers (dronarivm)

Brendan Pollard		Ampule				Prologue (acoustic wave)
Cosmic Ground		Legacy				Cosmic Ground (studio fleisch)
Klaus Schulze		Totem				Picture Music (thunderbolt)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith  The Spine is Quiet in the Center The Mosaic of Transformation (ghostly international)
K Markov		Fluid Emotions			Visitors (exosphere)
Richmond/Grenader	Southwestern Businessman's...	POV2 (zsr records)
Liquid Mind		Mindfulness			Mindfulness (real music)
Givens/Padilla		Serenity the Peaceful Place	The Bodhi Mantra (spotted peccary)
Resilience		Sustain				Forgotten World (carpe sonum)
Martin Sturtzer		Sanguine Moon			Far Beyond the Stars (exosphere)
Ian Boddy		Prague#1			Modulations (DiN/DDL)
Frank Makowski		Streulicht			Canon der Finsternisse (diffusschall)

Cosmic Ground		Deadlock			Cosmic Ground (studio fleisch)
jarguna/Henrik Meirkord	Heligt Berg			Tapestry Flow (projekt)
Tim Motzer		Inside				Inside (1k recordings)
Steve Roach		Serenity in Waves (excerpt)	Stillpoint (timeroom editions)

Ian Staer		Towards Equilibrium		Iterated Processes (self-released)
Harold Budd		Gypsy Violin			Lovely Thunder (editions eg)
Gavin Bryars		After the Requiem		After the Requiem (ecm records)
Fhloston Paradigm	The Warmth of the Sun		Live on Star's End (kingbrittarchives)
Alio Die		Practical Rituals		Allegorical Traces I (hic sunt leones)


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