STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 29 June 2008
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Indigo Egg              Smiling Buddah          Ixland (celestial dragon)
Evan Marc/Steve Hillage Resurface               Dreamtime Submersible (somnia)
Jon Hopkins            Black and Red.Luna Moth  Contact Note
Spyra                   Treskow Bridge          Gasoline 91 Octane (manikin)
dreamState              Ghost Nebula            Sounds of a Universe Overheard
Telomere                Radiance                The Stellar Sea (evanfall)
Peter Challoner         Form Follows Function   Interpolation

Ron Boots               Boellistian           See Beyond Times Look Beyond Words
Kwook                   Heterodyne              Skywave (blue oasis)
Emanuele Errante        Humi                    Humus (somnia)
Water Sines             Ultraviolet Awakening   Tone Poems in the Key of H20
Robert Rich + Ian Boddy Edge of Nowhere         React (DiN)
Saul Stokes             Wire Light Hills        Zo Pilots (hypnos)

Craig Padilla           Currents                Below the Mountain
Brendan Pollard         Toxic Blue              Expansion (acoustic wave)
Tangerine Dream         Invisible Limits        Stratosfear (virgin)
Ash Ra Tempel           Pluralis                Inventions for Electric Guitar

Koss                    Water                   Four Worlds Converge As One
Steve Roach             excerpt                 A Deeper Silence (timeroom)
Coyote Oldman           Luminescence            Under An Ancient Sun

Eluvium   Indoor Swimming at the Space Station  Copia (temporary residence)
K Leimer                Non-Adaptive Layers 3   Lesser Epitomes (pol)
Stars of the Lid      Slight on the Childproof  Carte De Visite
Scott Hull              Al Boca Di Cielo        Requiem (relapse)
Purple Dawn           First Breath.Purple Dawn  Purple Dawn
Robert Scott Thompson   Gold Flowers Bloom...   Poesis Athesis (lens)
David Wright            tracks 1 2 3            Momentum (ad music)


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