STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 2 August 2015
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Ascendant               Expansion               Aethereal Code (synphaera)
Alluste                 Dark Energy (Remix)     Dark Energy (self-released)
Xerxes & Phoenix        Let It Go               Let Silence Roam (self-released)
The Circular Ruins      Nocturne                Nightfall (dataObscura)

John Christian          Ice Nine                Sol Invictus (self-released)
Arc                     Proxima Obscura         Arclight (DiN/DDL)
K Markov                Liquid                  Liquid (self-released)

Steve Roach             Holding Light           Etheric Imprints (projekt)
Tange                   Live 04.21.12           Live 04.21.12 (ethereal live)
The Winterhouse         The Lake Isle           Slow Awakening (dataObscura)
Marconi Union           Still                   Departures (chemical tapes)

Emmens/Heij             Whispering Winds...     Echoes From Future Memories (self-released)
Dan Pound               Through the Fog Pt 1    Change of Weather (self-released)
David Torn           At Least There Was Nothing Only Sky (ecm)
Steve Brand             Transitional Experience Second Spring (pioneer light)
Robert Davies           Sanctum                 Nightshade (dataObscura)
Ebauche                 Warmth                  Adrift (invisible agent)
Stratosphere            Accepting the Aftermath Aftermath (projekt)

Steve Roach             The Joy of Sequence     The Skeleton Collection (timeroom)
D Raymond/J Newman      Beneath a Frozen Moon   Transitions (dataObscura)
Slow Meadow             tracks 7 8 9            Slow Meadow (hammock music)
Chronotope Project      Ocean of Subtle Dreams  Dawn Treader (spotted peccary)
Erik Wollo              No. 7                   Echotides (projekt)
Time Being              Every Memory            A Place to Belong (spotted peccary)
Nunc Stans              Feel This Way           Further Afield (dataObscura)


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