STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 20 August 2017
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Host: Jeff Towne

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Der Waldlaufer          Eclipse Illumina                Wanderlust (ambiosoul)
Rovo/System Seven - Eclipse (System and Phoenix Rising Version) - Hinotori EP (g-wave)
Jan Hammer            Darkness/Earth in Search of a Sun The First Seven Days (columbia/legacy)
David Wright            Partial Eclipse                 Beyond the Airwaves Vol. 1 (ad music)
Arc                     Arcadia                         Umbra (DiN)
Chuck van Zyl           The Moment of Totality          Celestial Mechanics (industry8)

Robin Guthrie/Harold Budd - Turn Off the Sun            After the Night Falls (darla records)
Hollan Holmes           Darkness and Light              Prayer to the Energy (self-released)
The Wimshurst's Machine - Moonshadows pt 2              Secret Gardens (astranova)
Michael Stearns      Whenever Two or More Are Gathered  Planetary Unfolding (sonic atmospheres)
The Balustrade Ensemble - Fall Away Into Darkness       Capsules (dynamophone records)
Normandie               Moon and Sun (Sine Remix)       Chillbar Vol 4 (v/a) (sine music)
Vic Hennegan            Kiss of Shadows                 Space and Shadows (alien tribes)
Sonogram                Allotropes                      Telescopic (simulacra records)
David Parsons           Corona                          Earthlight (celestial harmonies)
Sons of Arqa       Mother Tongue (Total Eclipse remix)  All is Not Lost, But Where is it? (liquid sound design)

Gert Emmons             Rendezvous with 2004 MN4        When Darkness Falls Upon the Earth (groove unlimited)
Paul Ellis              Dialing in the Sun              Silent Conversations (groove unlimited)
Melorman                The Sky out of Your Window      Waves (sun sea sky prod)
Jeff Oster              Enlightened  Darkness           Surrender (retso)
Jon Hassell             Aurora                          Last Night the Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes in the Street (ecm records)
Kitaro                  Shadow of the Moon              Final Call (domo records)
Jon Durant              Dance of the Shadow Planets     Dance of the Shadow Planets (lotuspike)
Tangerine Dream         Shadow and Sun                  Booster VII (castigate)
Robert Rich             Shadowline                      Electric Ladder (soundscape productions)

Steve Roach             Eclipse Mix                     Eclipse Mix (timeroom editions)

Balmorhea               All Flowers                     Clear Language (western vinyl)
Tim Motzer              Ring                            Unseen Universe (1k recordings)
Trey Gunn               Three Days                      The Waters They Are Rising (7d media)
Silvia Nakkach          Liminal Clouds                  Liminal (silvia nakkach)
Hammoc                  Things of Beauty Burn           Mysterium (hammock music)
The Greatest Hoax       As the Light Dims               Expiration Compositions (serene)
Behind the Shadow Drops Warm Light                      Harmonic (temporary residence limited)
Blochemy                Vermin                          Da Mear (clean error records)
Tapes and Topographies  Prague Spring                   Soft Decibels (simulacra records)
FLOW                    And the Sky Was                 FLOW (lmb music)
One Alternative         We'll See What Happens          Twilight (one alternative records)
Tom Caufield            Pathless Woods                  Wash the Dusk with Silver (bohemian embassy)


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