STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 17 September 2023
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Caterina Barbieri	Sufxosowiel.Swirls of You	Myuthafoo (light years)
Robert Hakalski		Elegy for the Paper Pilot	Twelve Planes for the Paper Pilot (singularity)
David Arkenstone	The World Sleeps		Winterlude (qdv recordings)
Fred Again/Brian Eno	Chest				Secret Life (text records)
Paul Ellis	    Opal Creek in Autumn Brush Strokes  Panoramas 3 (groove unlimited)

Aarktica		Morning One			Morning One (projekt)
Hessien			There's More to It You Know	The Alchemist (sound in silence)
Matthew Shipp		Essence of Silence		The Intrinsic Nature of Shipp (mahakala music)
Yellow6			Stand				Civil Twilight (sound in silence)
Chohori			Ray (DuoMix)			Minor Green (modularfield)
Wayne Phoenix		Reserve				Soaring (halcyon veil)
Carlos Nino & Friends	Woo, Acknowledgement		[I'm Just] Chillin', on Fire (international anthem)
Saul Stokes		Magnetic			Magnetic (self-released)
Blanco Decazador	RW #4				Reworks LP (self-released)

Ishq			Bhakti.Arc			Orchid (dakini)
Jalan Jalan		Firefly Sanctuary.Selamat Tidor	Bali (pacific moon)
Nash the Slash		Ylla				Dreams and Nightmares (cut-throat records)
Michael Stearns		Baraka Theme			Sacred Site (hearts of space)
Robert Rich		Dissolve.Lapis			Seven Veils (hearts of space)
Brian Eno		Unfamiliar Wind			On Land (editions eg)

Ian Boddy		Memory Lane			Berlin - A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve (self-released)
Martin Sturtzer		Circular Oscillations		Circular Oscillations (self-released)
Colin Rayment		Accelermoeter			Time Dilation (syngate)
Pabellon Sintetico	Lightness and Brightness	Mies van der Rohe's Dreams (cyclical dreams)
Zonderwork		MachineKamer			Gemstones IV (cyclical dreams)
Steve Dinsdale		A Cosmos of Sand		A Cosmos of Sand (northern echo)

Dronal			Underground (Lernaean Tone)	Whilst We Fall (supple9)
Lisa Bella Donna	Metempsychosis			Electronic Voyages (behind the sky music)
An Imaginal Space	Mullion Ambient Version		Souvenir (self-released)
Aduantas		Taobh A				D'imigh An Imni Ar Fad Diom Gan Mhoill (self-released)


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