STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 1 October 2023
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                           ALBUM (label)

Michael Bruckner	Part 1				The Morphic Cycle (cyclical dreams)
Subdream		An Eerie Night			Nameless Constellations (exosphere)
Richard Sears		Dolorous Interlude		Appear to Fade (figurelight records)
Jeremiah Chiu		Rococco Rondo			In Electric Time (international anthem)
Lone Bison		tracks 10.07			Wave Construction (castles in space)
Joel Styzens		Waterfall Garden		Resonance (relax your ears)
Encounters		Reverie (Sinerider Remix)	A Path Beyond Remixed (over the moon music)

Erik Levander		Har Tystnar Traden 		Kvad (supple9)
The Harmonic Choir	tracks 7.8			Hearing Solar Winds (ocora)
Steve Hillage		Four Ever Rainbow (excerpt)	Rainbow Dome Musick (virgin)
Reagenz			a				Reagenz (reflective)
Harold Budd/Hector Zazou - And Then She Stepped Aside	Glyph (made to measure)
Ishq			Bhakti				Orchid (dakini)
Ash Ra Tempel		Quasarsphere			Inventions for Electric Guitar (pdu)

Ian Boddy		excerpt				The Gatherings 6 May 2000 (cima of pa)
Tangerine Dream		Mysterious Semblance at the	Phaedra (virgin)
Vangelis		Creation du Monde		L'Apocalypse des Animaux (polydor)
Xingu Hill		Fever				Maps of the Impossible (nova zembla)
Oliveros Dempster Panaiotis - Suiren			Deep Listening (new albion records)

Jalan Jalan		Selamat Tidur			Bali (pacific moon)
Horizon 222	       Quelque Minute (Don't Look Back) Through the Round Window (dove)
Stars of the lid.      Mullholland.The Lonely People... The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid (kranky)
Ashra			Ocean of Tenderness		New Age of Earth (virgin)
Global Communication	12:18				76:14 (dedicated)

Perceptual Defence - Journey of Illusions: Second Illusion - Emotional Ruins (syngate)
Reuter/Rossi		Mumblecore Failure		Mumblecore Failure (iapetus-media)
Hyperion V		Coronal Mass Ejection		Accretion Disc (spotted peccary)
Chronotope Project	Tonglen				Chronology (spotted peccary)
Zander Raymond		Forward, Upward			To Have Several Lives (sound as language)
Forrest Fang		Planetary Hum			The Oort Cloud Meditations (projekt)


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