STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 7 October 2012
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

loscil                  Khanahmoot              Sketches from New Brighton (kranky)
The American Dollar     Par Avion (Ambient)     Ambient Three (yesh)
Bola                    VM8                     Fyuti (skam records)
Krusseldorf             From Soil to Space      From Soil to Space (aleph zero)
The Circular Ruins      Q.E.D.                  The Birth of Tragedy (dataObscura)
Kettel                  tracks 8 9 10 11 12     Volleyed Iron (u-cover)

Arc                 Transmit 2.Arc-Angel.Relay  Radio Sputnik (DiN)
Terje Rypdal            Adagio                  Odyssey (ecm)
Jean Michel Jarre       Parts IV V VI           Oxygene (dreyfus)

Steve Roach             Day Two                 Stormwarning (projekt)
The Black Dog           Chesh                   Spanners (warp)
Janne Hanhisuanto       Part 1                  Light and Shadow (self-released)
Orbital Decay           Solar Maxima            Solar Maxima (self-released)
Mind Over Matter    La Vie (The Dance of Life)  The Colours of Life (ic)

Ian Boddy     Strange Attractors.Return Vector  Strange Attractors (DiN/DDL)
Michael Stearns         Sagazan                 Samsara (varese sarabande)
Harold Budd             The Pearl               The Pearl (eg)
Robert Rich  The Gate is Open.Memories of Home  Nest (soundscape)

Divine Matrix           Birth of a Cyclone      Atmospheric Variations (ad music)
Cliff Martinez          Just Go Away            Arbitrage (milan)
Shore/Metric            Haircut                 Cosmopolis (howe records)
Hammock                 Cold Front              Departure Songs (self-released)
Sonogram                Certainly Obsessed      Apparent Microdots (simulacra)
Mum                     Duffeland               Early Birds (morr music)
Northcore               Looking Glass           Desatero (spotted peccary)
Bob Holroyd             Hollowman (remix)       Re: Ambient (self-released)
Bertrand Loreau         Moog on the Moon        Journey Through the Past (spheric)
Paul Ellis           She Who Watches (excerpt)  I Am Here (lotuspike)


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