STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 7 November 2010
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

Darshan Ambient         A Deeper Blue           A Day Within Days (lotuspike)
Blow Up Hollywood       John C Lilly            Take Flight (self-released)
D Helpling/Jon Jenkins  The Same Sky            The Crossing (spotted peccary)
Jeffrey Koepper         Reflection              Luminosity (air space)
Chuck van Zyl           excerpt                 MemorySpace (pre-release)

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2:00am - DJ Kel (Scott Kelly) Guest Mix em:t Records Overview Hour One
Strawberry Girl         Moonbeams               v/a 2295 (em:t)
Gas                     Vapournaut              v/a 2296 (em:t)
Symetrics               =:o :(                  v/a 2295 (em:t)
Mia                     Savannah                v/a 0003 (em:t)
Lucid Dreams            Nightmares              Lucid Dreams 0096 (em:t)
Miasma                  Solipsis                Miasma 1195 (em:t)
Woob                    Unknown Quantity        self-released
David Toop              Blood & Quartz          v/a 3394 (em:t)
Natural Language    We are Learning about Blue  Natural Language 0098 (em:t)
Gaudi & Testa           Dawn Cliffs             Gaudi:Testa 1105 (em:t)
Voodoo Warriors of Love Imagine                 v/a 5595 (em:t)
Beatsystem              Endlessly Downward      v/a 5595 (em:t)
Gel-So                  Schwein Kuchen          Gel-Sol 1104 (em:t)

2:00am - DJ Kel (Scott Kelly) Guest Mix em:t Records Overview Hour Two
International Peoples Gang - AC Harmonics       v/a 0004 (em:t)
Carl Stone              Nyala Part 1 (excerpt)  Carl Stone 1196 (em:t)
302 Acid                BD Williams             302 Acid 0005 (em:t)
Woob                    On Earth (excerpt)      Woob 1194 (em:t)
Miasma                  Dead Eye                v/a 1197 (em:t)
Hywel Davies            Apus Apus               v/a 1197 (em:t)
Natural Language        Sylvanshine             Natural Language 0098 (em:t)
Gas                     Discovery               Gas 0095 (em:t)
Qubism           Ghosts of Catalonia (excerpt)  Qubism 2294 (em:t)
Beatsystem              The Harmonic Sewer      v/a 2296 (em:t)
Sub                     Nautilus                v/a 0003 (em:t)
Undar               Underground Kite (excerpt)  Undark 3396 (em:t)
Woob                    Gate                    Woob 4495 (em:t)
Bad Data                One By Four By Nine     v/a 5595 (em:t)

3:00am - DJ Kel (Scott Kelly) Guest Mix
Uwe Bauch               Head Machine            Electric Garden (secret word)
David Toop&Max Eastley  Life Without Movement   Buried Dreams (beyond)
Jonathan F. Lee         In the Shadows          Dislocated (comatonse)
Shinsuke Matsumoto      Bamboo Forest           v/a Wandering (silent season)
The Future Sound of London - Small Town         Environments 2 (jumpin' & pumpin')
David Toop              Watchtower Data         37th Floor at Sunset (sub rosa)
Koss                    Odyssey                 Ancient Rain (mule)
Cypher 7                Piece of Blue Sky       Decoder (strata)
The Circular Ruins&Off the Sky - Running After Rainbows - We All Fall Down (dataobscura)
The Black Dog           Gate 21                 Thee Lounge EP (dust science)
Fila Brazilia           July 23                 Black Market Gardening (pork)
Opium                   A Fire Spoken           Sympathetic Flying Objects (silentes)
Anders Ilar             Heliopause (excerpt)    Stories of Old (yard)
Loren Dent            The Loss of Eternal Life  Anthropology Vol 1 (infraction)
Lagowski            Impossible Dream (excerpt)  Prismatic (hypnotism)

Ombient                 The Wheel Turns         The Wheel Turns (self-released)
Pollard Daniel Booth    Eindhoven I             Eindhoven (eemc)
Ludovico Einaudi        Ritornare               Divenire (ponderosa)

David Parsons           Vayu                    Akash (celestial harmonies)
Timescape               First Passage           Passage of Time (self-released)
Rudy Adrian             Distant Stars           Distant Stars (lotuspike)
Amongst Myselves  Morning in the Bowl of Night  Fragments (self-released)


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