STAR'S END  1-6AM SatNight/SunMorning  Playlist for 27 December 2009
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Host: Chuck van Zyl

* 2009 - Year in Review Part One *

ARTIST                  TRACK                   ALBUM (label)

The Tangent Project     Then It Rained          Surface (TP)
Jeffrey Koepper         Part I                  Quadranteon (air space)
Cosmic Hoffmann      The Longing for the Space  Hypernova (heart + mind)
Pollard/Daniel/Booth    Skaters                 Pollard/Daniel/Booth (eemc)
Spaceplayer             Worlds Apart            Earth and Exile

FSP/Pollard/Hashtronaut Time Out of Mind (exc)  Time Out of Mind (acoustic wave)
Redshift                Turning Towards Us      Turning Towards Us (distant sun)
Free System Projekt     Part B                  Procyon (self-released)
Steve Dinsdale          New Church 1            New Church (northern echo)
Anomalous Disturbances  Segue to Heaven         Archive Two (disappearing music)

Anomalous Disturbances  Inside I                Inside (disappearing music)
David Parsons           City of Spirits         Jyoti (celestial harmonies)
Erik Seifert            Isolde                  Core (pleasure sound)
John Christian          Antiquark               Susbarbatus
Ian Boddy/David Wright  Still Motion            Shifting Sands (ad music)
Jeff Greinke            Partial Light           Virga (lotuspike)

Nunc Stans/Mystified    The Infinite Night      One Thousand Dreams (dataObscura)
3 Seconds of Air - Ghosts Stream the Harmony of Delight - The Flight of Song (tonefloat)
Daniel Dorobantu - City in the Field - Knock on the Sky and Listen to the Sound
Nunc Stans        Where the Figures Were Drawn  Meridian (dataObscura)
Jonsi & Alex            Howl                    Riceboy Sleeps (xl)
Cluster                 Formatt                 Qua (nepenthe music)

Marconi Union           Nightworker             Tokyo (bine music)
Richard Barbieri        Decay                   Stranger Inside (scope)
Lawrence                A New Day               Until Then Goodbye
Helios                 Every Hair on Your Head  Unreleased vol 1 (unseen)
Rhian Sheehan           Parts 3 4               Standing in Silence (loop)
Arve Henriksen         Sorrow and Its Opposite  Cartography (ecm)
SubtractiveLAD          Something Like a Star   Where the Land Meets the Sky
E Wollo/B Wostheinrich  Solar Wind.White Sea    Arcadia Borealis (DiN)
Richard Bone            Somaia Arafa            The Ghosts of Hanton Village
J Serrie/G Stroutsos    The Enlightened Path    Hidden World Beyond (valley ent)
D Martin/Erik Wollo     Winds of Time           Between Worlds (spotted peccary)
Kevin Keller            Stillness               In Absentia


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